Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stila Annual Online Warehouse Sale

So I totally missed out but there are a few goodies left at STILA'S ANNUAL ONLINE WAREHOUSE SALE. It ends tmrw - 1st July 2011 at midnight. Go NOW and see what you can grab because there are some ridiculously amazing deals. -UP TO 80% OFF. Go here to check out the sale STILA SALE.

Hope you find some goodies.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prom Makeup

Its that time of the year again. Prom is here so let's talk about prom makeup.

Did her makeup last year for her prom.

1. Smokey eye- If you eyes are your best feature enhance them with a smokey eye.Use gunmetal silver and navy blue or black or deep metallic colours and smoke out the colour with a good blending brush. Add false lashes to amp up the volume and add a bit more drama. Pair this eye look with a neutral or light lip colour.

2. Playful makeup- Have fun with your makeup. You are young and it's your prom. Add diamond studs or glitter eyeliner to your look to make it fun and different. 

3. Bright eyes- Use a contrasting bright colour to that of your dress to make your eyes pop.If your dress is blue try pink eyeshadow and vice versa. If it's green try a gold or bronze colour.
5. Pink glossy lips. If you aren't into much eye makeup. Play up your lips with pink lip gloss. Try a pop of colour on your cheeks with blush and a simple neutral eye with mascara and you will be the belle of the ball. I wouldn't recommend a red lip if you aren't confident enough to pull it off and red lips tend to make you look grown and sexy when you want to look young and hot.

Think young and fresh. Keep your makeup light if you plan to dance all night and remember to add that pop of colour somewhere whether on your lips or cheeks or eyes. If you want to match your makeup to your dress colour, I think its ok for your prom but choose one feature to do that.
 I remember my prom like it was yesterday- My dress was baby blue and silver and I had a matching baby blue bag with matching baby blue shoes. It was the trend back then ok . SMS. I wore a bit of silver eyeliner and clear gloss (my lips were really glossy) I need to scan the pic
This is me in different stages of my life after high school. I know the prom pic isnt clear because I had all of them scanned together ( I dunno why). But I am the one in the baby blue dress ( 2nd to the left).  My mom got us matching corsages and we all wore tiaras and got a limo to take us to the prom. Of course we were two hours late because some of the girls took forever at the hair salon. I had simple ringlets.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sea and Sand

Hi Beauties,
For the week, I wanted an interesting nail look that wasn't to over the top for work. I decided the taupe color was too boring on its own for the summer so I found some inspiration from the beach and did a look that represents the sand and the sea.Using scotch tape again I sectioned the nail into two halves diagonally and use teal and taupe nail polish and a top coat.

Sectioned the nail diagonally with tape

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bloggers Collection from MAC

Besides being super jealous that I didn't get to create my own makeup at MAC labs, I am in love with the Bloggers Collection from MAC. A few bloggers were selected after submitting their ideas for MAC eyeshadow or lipglass and got the chance to go to their labs in Canada to make their own MAC product. How cool is that? I know Patrice from afrobella, Karen from makeup and beauty blog and Christine from temptalia from their blogs which I read religiously. I hope MAC does this again because they came up with some great colours. I would love to be selected. The products that were created are part of MAC's Bloggers Obbessions and can only be bought online from their US or Canadian Website. Unfortunately they are not in stores. They are also limited edition and will not be available after 6 weeks I think. Trust me most will be sold out pretty soon . So last night I decided to find a way to get two of the products I have been dying to try from the collection. Afrobella's All of my Purple life tinted lipglass and Christine's jealousy awakes eyeshadow.

All of my purple life ($14.50 US) is a really shimmery deep purple lipgloss that is perfect for brown skin women. You just need to pair it with a rich purple lipstick in order to get it to pop even more. I think I have two purple lipsticks that I can pair with this lipgloss. Nacara Yakima lipstick ( bought in Canada, its a brand out of Montreal for black women) and Revlon Va Va Violet (drugstores everywhere. This is a very deep intense berry colour)

All of my purple life tinted lipglass

Pretty isn't it? Patrice from Afrobella
Jealousy awakes is a stunning vibrant green that would make brown eyes pop and look great on darker complexions ($14.50) This is sold out. :(
Jealousy awakes
 I think I would get Nitro:licious2046  lipglass instead which is a rich red colour.

Hopefully they get more in stock of Jealousy Awakes which I doubt but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Go get um girls cus they will be gone soon. Go here to see the collection MAC Blogger's Obsessions Collection.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nail Colour Blocking

Did a nail look on the weekend with two of my favourite summer colours. Since colour blocking is in I decided to do the trend on my nails using orange and pink nail polish. All you need is some scotch tape to section off the top of the nail. If you have a steady hand you could try it without the tape.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Save your beauty products for melting

Hi Beauties,

Its 33 degrees outside and sometimes in my house its even hotter. In the back of my house, we get the wonderful mountain breeze but where I am located I get nada. I don't have ac so I use a fan but that doesn't change how the heat affects my makeup. I was trying out a lipstick on my friend on Saturday, brand new shade that I don't normally use and it broke and went all mushy when I pushed it out of the tube. So I drew a conclusion that it must be the heat . I normally store my makeup in my makeup organizer which is made out of wool or yarn or some fabric like that so it doesnt keep the products too hot ( 4 drawers for everything) plus some random baskets my mom got me and this doesn't seem to prevent them from being affected by the heat so I did some research on how to prevent " MAKEUP MELTDOWN).

1. Nail Polish
Nail polish tends to get clumpy and thick if its damaged by the heat. You can remedy that with a nail polish thinner but prevention is better than cure. Try storing your nail polish in the fridge( I learnt this from my friend Tiffany while going into her fridge one day to discover nail polishes next to the drinks) She said it helps them stay cool in this crazy heat and prevents them from getting to thick. However you can just make show you store them at room temperature, not too hot or not too cold.
 2.Lipsticks and glosses
Very easy to melt from heat. I don't recommend storing them in the fridge but store at room temperature and keep away from extreme heat. Also throw out the damaged lipsticks. They won't be the same texture or shimmer or colour after they've been damaged. Remember to  check the expiry date also.  Lipsticks can last up to 1 year. As a rule due to the formulations, lipsticks can dry out and become more brittle. Those comprised with silicone oils may last longer. Opened, all formulas....4-9 months.

3. Liquid Foundation
Have you ever seen how your liquid foundation separates with water and oil on top? Well that can be a result of the heat. I know people who store their liquid foundations in the fridge to keep them from separating but you can also store them at room temperature. Store in a cool, dark, humidity controlled place in airtight containers for optimum freshness and efficacy. Liquid Foundation can last up to 6 months once opened.

Remember, don't hold on to damaged products, throw them out. The other day I threw out a few of my fav nail polishes because they were getting hard and cumply and I also threw away some lipsticks. They have sentimental value and I spent a pretty penny on some but I knew it was for my own good.  Now its summer I think I may have to do that again. Keep your cool and your makeup cool this summer.
Here's more on cleaning out your makeup drawer

Monday, June 20, 2011

Diva Days

Hi Beauties,

I haven't been posting much these days on account of lack of sheer energy and my weekends have been also so busy. On  Saturday I did a wedding party of 10, crazy right. It took me about 2 and a half hours to get all bridesmaids and junior bridesmaids and then when it came to the  bride, my Luminess Airbrush machine decided to die on me so I had to use normal foundation. I didn't take much pics but hopefully, the bride will send me some so I can post. Here are some pics from last 2 weeks. Enjoy!

Off to the movies to c Xmen- Bright fuchsia lips courtesy of Stila Tickled Pink Lip Enamel.

You need attitude to work this colour or it will overpower you. Neutral eye look to compliment the bright lips. Those earrings are becoming my favs also.
One day after work heading home and my red lips are still popping.

The worst Saturday of my life spent at an all day meeting.  I didn't get to take a whole pic b/c I was in a rush. Late as usual 

Jewel- toned purple lip and my fav aviators from Aldo. Pearls make me feel so elegant.

I did a twist out using foaming mousse and twisting my hair into bantu knots.

Friday nite look. Eyes- Sasha bus stop( orange) and MAC Gold mode pigment. Lips- Nude colour from my Sasha lip palette topped with Gentle Coral Tinted lip condition from MAC.

Too bad you cant see my ear lace my friend got me. Its an earring and necklace all in one. So cool. Will do another post with it.

 Lorac satin baked eyeshadow (grey colour -can't recall the name)  With  NYX white pearl pigment by the brown bone, an ardene eggplant colour eyeshadow ( very inexpensive but so creamy and rich) Lined the bottom lash line with MAC Fascinating eye liner and a rimmel eye pencil ( turquoise colour). The trick here is to blend the colours into each other.

Love this animal print ring $10 EC from brown sugar. Purple nails from a previous post (summer nail colours.) Earrings courtesy of my girl Michelle.
Dress from asos, shoes and belt from aldo and bag from Winners.
 Hope these looks inspire you. Stay beautiful.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer nail colours

Summer is here and its brought bright and pastel nail colours from spring with it. I picked up a few new nail colours for the summer.

 Starting with the Fuchsia colour:  L.A. Girl Flare Hyper
LA Color Craze Atomic ( matte teal)
Love and beauty (forever21 nail polish) in orange $2.80 on
LA Girl Matte Sky blue
L A Color Craze Shock (neon yellow-orange)
L A Color Craze Electric Charge ( bright baby pink)
Love and beauty Purple
LA Girl Disco Brites Hustle -eggplant colour(black light nail polish) I have to find black light to try it out.
LA Girl Matte Blue twilight (deep midnight blue)
Love and beauty Taupe ( im bringing taupe back for the summer even though it was really popular last year)


I love forever21 nail polishes. They take one coat most of the time and the colours are rich and pretty. LA colors on the other hand take three coats to get the actually colour and they take very long to dry but I love the variety of colours the brand has to offer. You  can find LA Girl or LA Color Craze nail polishes in most drug stores or beauty supply stores and they are very affordable.

Rihanna's Who's that chick video look

I did this look a while back but I thought I'd share it with the rest of my followers who aren't on my facebook. I love colourful looks and this one worn by rihanna in her who's that chick video is one of my favourites. I was bored one day after work and decided to give it a try so excuse the hair :)

Face: MUFE Mat Velvet Foundation in 70 and MAC NW 43 Studio Fix Foundation Plus Powder
Cheeks: Coastal Secents 42 stack eyeshadow and blush palette ( a barbie pink blush)

Eyes: NYX Milk jumbo pencil on entire lid as a base
MAC Chrome Yellow over entire lower lid
Crease cut with Coastalscents 88 metallic palette brown eyeshadow
88 shimmer palette white eye colour
Maybelline Eyestudio Gel liner in Black on upper and lower lash line
Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara in black

Stila lip enamel in tickled pink and L'oreal endless kissable shinewear gloss top coat

(The phone cam has this white cast) Its convenient but doesn't take the best pics.

Keep experimenting beauties, there is inspiration all around you.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer time means sunscreen

Its 33 degrees outside which is about 91 degrees Fahrenheit. Its a beautiful sunny clear day outside and the sun rays are shining down. What did most black women forget to do today before they left the house?  WEAR SUNSCREEN!
I've done a post before on how to protect your skin from the sun but I decided to remind you why its important again as summer is here already. Sunscreen is not only for Caucasians! We do have a natural sunblock in the form of melanin in our skin but UV rays do not discriminate. Its true also that we might not get as much sun damage but its better to be safe than sorry. Skin cancer affects every one and the easier way to prevent it is to wear SPF. I would recommend SPF 15- 30. Protecting your skin also helps prevent aging from sun damage. I grew up in the sun, never thought about wearing sunscreen til I went away to school in Canada, went to a drugstore and got a free skin examination using one of those microscope machines that can basically see into your pores and my analysis was basically that may skin was pretty damaged. I also noticed more and more moles (beauty marks) showing up on my face as I got older and believe or not these have the potential to be cancerous. So I went out a got a sunscreen and started wearing makeup or skin products with SPF like MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation with SPF 15 I think.

I recommend wearing sunscreen especially on your face or find a foundation with SPF already in it. It will make a huge difference in preventing hyper pigmentation, premature skin aging and general skin damage from the sun's rays.
SPF is only half the sunscreen puzzle—it's what protects against burning UVB rays. The UVA kind can lead to wrinkles, dark spots, and skin cancer—so look for a sunscreen that's labeled broad-spectrum. UVA shields including Mexoryl, Helioplex, and Active Photobarrier Complex don't break down easily in the sun.
Try Neutrogrena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunblock which is perfect for the face because it doesn't go on thick or greasy and doesn't leave a white ghost like cast on your face. Its about $ 8US at drugstores or or I actually found this at Lucky Cosmetics down town for $35 EC.

For more info Check out my other post or allure's article on saving your face from the sun

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Pigments

My mother did a MAC haul a few weeks ago in St. Thomas, V.I. and on the list were some crushed metallic stacked pigments from the new MAC line called Surf, Baby! The lure of the endless summer starts here with My Paradise Cheek Powder, Pigments, Summer Stash of Crushed Metallic Pigments, Hibiscus Lipstick and Splashproof Lash Mascara that just won't smudge. (description from Journey to a world where feeling the rush means taking a risk. Hang Ten! The pigments come in a variety of metallic shades and also come in jars that can be stacked on top of each other.

I got  all shades and kept just the colours I liked and gave my mom the silver and light green shades.
 My over all  view of these pigments is that they are just OK. They aren't anything new and their differences to normal MAC Pigments is what actually brought it down to 3 out of 5 stars. I love the richness of the colours especially the golden bronze and violet shade but these pigments are hard to work with. Their texture is very clumpy in the jar (esp the gold., I thought something was wrong with it) and hard to apply without at least wetting the brush but the colour pay off is great. Once you wet the brush you can keep applying til you get the richness in the colour you are looking for.  Each stack with 4 costs $32.50 US which isn't a bad  deal considering one of MACs normal pigments cost about $18 US.

 Eye look using Pearl on the entire lid then Pink in the middle then graphite in the outer corner and in the crease.
Eye look using Pink on the entire lid and Graphite in the outer corner ( pink looks more purple to me) lol

PINK ( I still think it looks purple/ violet)


Swatch of all three pigments

Eye look using Bronze ( looks gold to me ) on the entire lid and in the crease I used Old Wine which is more bronze to me.

They stack up on top of each other.
So all in all I like all the pigments I got and I will definitely be using Bronze and Pink more often.