Monday, May 16, 2011

More beauty secrets- My review of Mizani hair products.

Have you ever heard of Mizani? Its the ultimate in black hair care. I love the mizani products and have used nothing else since I found it especially their shampoos and conditioners. I discovered this line back in Halifax about 5 years ago and I have stuck with it like glue because it does wonders to my hair. I choose to wear my hair short most of the times for aesthetic reasons ( it suits my face better than long hair) but even though I don't have length I have health. I do alot of crazy stuff to my hair. In fact I have been every colour in the rainbow which is bad for my hair and I've worn weaves which damage my hair line. Right now I have highlights in which could mean alot of breakage. I have tried to cut back on the heat I use by setting my hair in rollers and I use my Fulfyl® Conditioning Treatment . This conditioner combines the elements most vital to hair's health - protein and moisture- into one balance-sustaining formula for the basic maintenance of the hair. This unique fusion provides a microscopic layer on the cuticle to seal-in moisture and prevents heat surface damage. I use it as a deep conditioning treatment where I leave it on my hair for 30 mins under a dryer or I just use it as a regular conditioner and leave it on for 15 mins with my foil cap. It leaves my hair so soft!

This is my current hair situation:


Here's a little history on Mizani: 

In Swahili, the word "MIZANI" means balance and refers to the central concept behind the brand. Each MIZANI formula whether used alone or in combination, gently works to balance the forces of beauty and chemistry, creating radiantly healthy hair. The founding principle of the brand is "Beauty and Chemistry in Balance." The balance refers to the moisture protein equilibrium that endows hair with the strength and flexibility it needs to stay healthy.
Today, MIZANI, a division of L’Oréal USA, is a complete line of professional treatments, relaxers, shampoos, conditioners, and styling products designed to meet the expanding needs of today’s global beauty. Through its advanced, patented technology, MIZANI has discovered new ways to care not only for the hair, but for the scalp as well. Each MIZANI formula is customized to suit the individual needs of each hair type. From naturally curly and highly textured to color-treated, relaxed and everything in between, MIZANI offers a specialized, salon-exclusive hair care system designed to restore every hair type to its ultimate state of balance.

My favourite products are
Botanifying® Conditioning Shampoo
Gentle enough to use everyday, it cleanses the hair and scalp while restoring a natural moisture balance. The aromatic blend of botanicals nourishes, soothes and massages the scalp. The lubricating emollients of the shampoo linger in the hair long after the rich lather is gone.  I love this because it does not strip your hair of your natural oils like most shampoos. Your hair actually feels so soft after you've shampooed.

Fulfyl® Conditioning Treatment

This conditioner combines the elements most vital to hair's health - protein and moisture- into one balance-sustaining formula for the basic maintenance of the hair. This unique fusion provides a microscopic layer on the cuticle to seal-in moisture and prevents heat surface damage. Best Conditioner I have ever used. Sometimes I do not even want to rinse it out how good it feels.

Thermasmooth Smooth Guard Smoothing Serum

Lightweight, leave-in thermal protecting serum buffers against heat styling damage and facilitates the use of heat tools by providing extra glide for easier manageability. The advance C3 Smoothing Complex with cationic polymers is designed to shield and polish while hair is being smoothed. Very thick so a little goes a long way when you are applying heat to your hair.

Honey Shield

A protective pre-relaxer treatment with patented ceramide created to shield previously relaxed hair from overlap during relaxer touch-up application. Formulated with a moisturizing blend of honey with nourishing humectants to guard against moisture loss during relaxer services. Use as an important step to minimize breakage and damage associated with chemical over processing . I use this every time I am going to relax my hair.


A lightweight micro-emulsion with breakthrough infusion technology to deeply penetrate and condition the hair with moisturizing droplets of oil. It infuses the hair with jojoba and avocado oil to provide instant smoothness and conditioning. Ideal for use directly following a relaxer service, Microfusion provides enhanced suppleness, softness, and sheen. May also be used as part of a regular conditioning maintenance regimen in replacement of the traditional crème conditioner.  I use this after I have relaxed my hair.

Classic Rhelaxers

Our conditioning relaxer portfolio represents cutting edge technology and innovation, leaving hair in perfect balance. The precise combination of oils, proteins and conditioners ensures successful relaxing for all hair types and textures. I bought a huge jar of relaxer and I loved the way my hair always came out.

Rose H2O Conditioning Hairdress

An enriched hairdress containing natural oils and botanical extracts formulated to replenish moisture and add a soft, silky sheen to dry, dull hair and scalp. Rose H20 Conditioning Hairdress is rich enough to relieve itchy, tight scalps, yet so light it doesn't leave a build-up. With its unique blend of ingredients, this aromatic, creamy conditioning hairdress helps to prevent split ends and styling damage while ensuring shiny, healthy hair. This is so light compared to many greases which tend to weigh down my hair. Great for relaxed hair.

I also used the Kerafuse Deep treatment which I highly recommend and one of their holding sprays which I can't remember the name of ( it was green).

All of these products come in huge salon sizes- the shampoos and conditioners and the relaxers. So they tend to last for a long time.  Most of the products I recommended are for relax hair but mizani has a line dedicated to natural hair called  True Textures which is designed specifically to care for naturally curly hair. True Textures addresses the unique characteristics of each curl type with specific products to meet individual needs, such as moisture, frizz control, and curl definition.

Check out For more of their products lines.

If you are interested in buying Mizani products check out or or ask at your local hair products store.


  1. Hi Karyl's cousin! I love Mizani too!!!! You have to check out Ensley Beauty-they have many products including Mizani reasonably priced.

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  3. thx ladies. I will def. check out ensley beauty. my shampoo is running low.

  4. Yup...Mizani is the way to go. my hairdresser introduced me to the relaxer 2yrs ago. Best my relaxer ever used on my hair. Hair comes out silky and healthy. The scalp oil, and wrapping oil etc also really great. They moisturize and are light weight so they dont weigh the hair down. So its always light and bouncy.

  5. thx janelle. i do need something to new to wrap my hair with instead of these foams that make your hair hard.