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Home remedies for Oily Skin

Oily Skin:

It has open pores.
It will shine an hour or so after washing.
It may look oily on waking.
It has a tendency to spots and blackheads.
It is less susceptible to wrinkles than other skin types.

The dreaded oily skin... Here are some affordable and easy ways to TREAT oily skin. I suffer from oily skin and I am trying out stuff at home to see what works best for me. By the way did you know if you have oily skin you will have less wrinkles when you are older than some one with dry skin? So its not so bad after all.

Before you try out any one of these, do not forget to do a twenty four hour patch test to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

1. Exposing your face to steam is a good way of preventing it from becoming oily. Taking steam will help the pores of the skin to open and clean it. After you have taken the steam, massage your face with a mild cleanser and an oil free moisturizer.
You can buy a facial steamer (conair makes a good one) or just use a bowl of hot water. An extra tip is to add some lemon juice or tea tree oil to the water to give your skin that extra boost to fight against over production of oil in your glands.

2. Get rid of oily face by applying honey on the face for ten minutes. Other than this, rubbing the face with tea tree oil at night before going to sleep is also an effective way of treating oily face.

3.If you want to avoid the face from becoming patchy after applying makeup, use cucumber juice on the face just before putting on the makeup. Substituting cucumber juice with a mixture made of witch hazel and lime juice will also give desirable effects.

Applying a mask made of honey and oatmeal will aid in treating oily skin. Mix honey and lemon juice with oatmeal (uncooked) to make a paste out of it. Apply it on the face and wait for ten minutes before you wash it off with slightly hot water. This will make your face smooth, soft and free of oil.

4. Try aloe vera. Apply aloe vera to your face to absorb oil and clear out pores. Dab the gel onto your face two to three times a day (especially after washing), then let it dry.

5. Chill out with cold water rinses. If you don't want to apply chemicals to your skin, simply splashing your face with cold water and blotting it dry a couple of times a day can help remove some excess oil.

6.Lemon juice, flour, turmeric powder- Make a paste. (Use all purpose flour) Plain yogurt can be used in place of lemon juice. Apply all over the face except the eye area. Let dry. Rinse. The acids in the lemon juice treat dark spots on the face clearing the complexion. Turmeric brightens the look. (Lemon juice might cause a tingling sensation). Feel the fresh and oil-free skin afterwards.

7.Milk- It is particularly necessary for individuals with oily skin to keep their skin clear otherwise it has a tendency to form acne lesions making the skin patchy, discolored and rough. Presence of oil makes the skin sticky thus attracting dirt from the environment clogging the pores. Clogged pores mean increased oil secretion.

Milk is an excellent oil free cleanser and it doesn’t dry out the skin. Oily skin has open and enlarged pores. Wash your face several times throughout the day with milk so that the pores are not clogged with sebum/oil. It is very important to wash your face before you go to bed at night. Make-up residues can be the worst enemies of the skin.

8.Make a puree of fresh tomatoes, apply to the skin.

9.For oily skin, apply a thin layer of toothpaste and leave until dry. Once dry gently wash face with warm water. This temporarily dries out oily skin.

10. For an oily nose -1 tsp of tomato pulp, 1 tsp of cucumber pulp, 1 tsp of strawberry pulp or 1 tsp of egg white, 2 drops of lemon juice: Apply this paste repeatedly.

Here are some extra tips:

Use water-based cosmetics. Better yet, learn to live without makeup -- or at least without foundation -- since it will simply add to and trap the oil against your skin and set the stage for blemishes. If you feel you must use makeup, choose water-based products over oil-based types, and opt for spot concealers rather than coating your entire face. In general, stick with powder or gel blush, and avoid cream foundations.
I try to cut back on my liquid foundation which is water-based but it's hard. I just use my concealer on spots also. Try neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup.

Pull your hair back. It's best to keep hair away from the face if you are having issues with your skin. Often oily hair and oily skin go together.

Don't touch. Keep your hands off your face during the day. Hands deliver excess oil and dirt. If I have to touch my face, I put on hand sanitizer or use a tissue.

Change your make up sponge regularly. Sponges absorb excess oil from your skin and also are petri dishes for bacteria which can cause break outs. If you use brushes clean them regularly with soap and water or brush shampoo or cleanser.

Change your pillow cases regularly. Your hair touches the pillow and then your face touches the pillow.

Clean your phone screen. Ever wondered why you were breaking out on your cheek? Guess where you put your phone.

Hope these tips are helpful. Until I post again stay beautiful- on the inside and out!

Here's a video on skincare for oily skin.

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