Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bloggers Collection from MAC

Besides being super jealous that I didn't get to create my own makeup at MAC labs, I am in love with the Bloggers Collection from MAC. A few bloggers were selected after submitting their ideas for MAC eyeshadow or lipglass and got the chance to go to their labs in Canada to make their own MAC product. How cool is that? I know Patrice from afrobella, Karen from makeup and beauty blog and Christine from temptalia from their blogs which I read religiously. I hope MAC does this again because they came up with some great colours. I would love to be selected. The products that were created are part of MAC's Bloggers Obbessions and can only be bought online from their US or Canadian Website. Unfortunately they are not in stores. They are also limited edition and will not be available after 6 weeks I think. Trust me most will be sold out pretty soon . So last night I decided to find a way to get two of the products I have been dying to try from the collection. Afrobella's All of my Purple life tinted lipglass and Christine's jealousy awakes eyeshadow.

All of my purple life ($14.50 US) is a really shimmery deep purple lipgloss that is perfect for brown skin women. You just need to pair it with a rich purple lipstick in order to get it to pop even more. I think I have two purple lipsticks that I can pair with this lipgloss. Nacara Yakima lipstick ( bought in Canada, its a brand out of Montreal for black women) and Revlon Va Va Violet (drugstores everywhere. This is a very deep intense berry colour)

All of my purple life tinted lipglass

Pretty isn't it? Patrice from Afrobella
Jealousy awakes is a stunning vibrant green that would make brown eyes pop and look great on darker complexions ($14.50) This is sold out. :(
Jealousy awakes
 I think I would get Nitro:licious2046  lipglass instead which is a rich red colour.

Hopefully they get more in stock of Jealousy Awakes which I doubt but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Go get um girls cus they will be gone soon. Go here to see the collection MAC Blogger's Obsessions Collection.

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  1. All of my purple life is also sold out and I didn't get it.::(