Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prom Makeup

Its that time of the year again. Prom is here so let's talk about prom makeup.

Did her makeup last year for her prom.

1. Smokey eye- If you eyes are your best feature enhance them with a smokey eye.Use gunmetal silver and navy blue or black or deep metallic colours and smoke out the colour with a good blending brush. Add false lashes to amp up the volume and add a bit more drama. Pair this eye look with a neutral or light lip colour.

2. Playful makeup- Have fun with your makeup. You are young and it's your prom. Add diamond studs or glitter eyeliner to your look to make it fun and different. 

3. Bright eyes- Use a contrasting bright colour to that of your dress to make your eyes pop.If your dress is blue try pink eyeshadow and vice versa. If it's green try a gold or bronze colour.
5. Pink glossy lips. If you aren't into much eye makeup. Play up your lips with pink lip gloss. Try a pop of colour on your cheeks with blush and a simple neutral eye with mascara and you will be the belle of the ball. I wouldn't recommend a red lip if you aren't confident enough to pull it off and red lips tend to make you look grown and sexy when you want to look young and hot.

Think young and fresh. Keep your makeup light if you plan to dance all night and remember to add that pop of colour somewhere whether on your lips or cheeks or eyes. If you want to match your makeup to your dress colour, I think its ok for your prom but choose one feature to do that.
 I remember my prom like it was yesterday- My dress was baby blue and silver and I had a matching baby blue bag with matching baby blue shoes. It was the trend back then ok . SMS. I wore a bit of silver eyeliner and clear gloss (my lips were really glossy) I need to scan the pic
This is me in different stages of my life after high school. I know the prom pic isnt clear because I had all of them scanned together ( I dunno why). But I am the one in the baby blue dress ( 2nd to the left).  My mom got us matching corsages and we all wore tiaras and got a limo to take us to the prom. Of course we were two hours late because some of the girls took forever at the hair salon. I had simple ringlets.

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