Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer time means sunscreen

Its 33 degrees outside which is about 91 degrees Fahrenheit. Its a beautiful sunny clear day outside and the sun rays are shining down. What did most black women forget to do today before they left the house?  WEAR SUNSCREEN!
I've done a post before on how to protect your skin from the sun but I decided to remind you why its important again as summer is here already. Sunscreen is not only for Caucasians! We do have a natural sunblock in the form of melanin in our skin but UV rays do not discriminate. Its true also that we might not get as much sun damage but its better to be safe than sorry. Skin cancer affects every one and the easier way to prevent it is to wear SPF. I would recommend SPF 15- 30. Protecting your skin also helps prevent aging from sun damage. I grew up in the sun, never thought about wearing sunscreen til I went away to school in Canada, went to a drugstore and got a free skin examination using one of those microscope machines that can basically see into your pores and my analysis was basically that may skin was pretty damaged. I also noticed more and more moles (beauty marks) showing up on my face as I got older and believe or not these have the potential to be cancerous. So I went out a got a sunscreen and started wearing makeup or skin products with SPF like MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation with SPF 15 I think.

I recommend wearing sunscreen especially on your face or find a foundation with SPF already in it. It will make a huge difference in preventing hyper pigmentation, premature skin aging and general skin damage from the sun's rays.
SPF is only half the sunscreen puzzle—it's what protects against burning UVB rays. The UVA kind can lead to wrinkles, dark spots, and skin cancer—so look for a sunscreen that's labeled broad-spectrum. UVA shields including Mexoryl, Helioplex, and Active Photobarrier Complex don't break down easily in the sun.
Try Neutrogrena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunblock which is perfect for the face because it doesn't go on thick or greasy and doesn't leave a white ghost like cast on your face. Its about $ 8US at drugstores or or I actually found this at Lucky Cosmetics down town for $35 EC.

For more info Check out my other post or allure's article on saving your face from the sun

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