Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week in Beauty

coastalscents smokey eye palette is the business!

best eyeshadow primer in the world.
Au naturale from Covergirl Queen Collection

Pink nails yay! This was a NYC longwear colour.

Eyeshadow after 10 hrs. Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion in Sin.

Look at that red. the turquoise is a great contrast.

Black Radiance lipcolour in El Dorado Red

Eye colour from my 88 shimmer palette from coastalscents.

Gold eye shadow is my fav. Love it!

Hi beauties,

Its 11:40 pm and I should be in bed but instead, I'm getting excited about my pink nails. Ladies if you are ever feeling low or down, just slap on some hot pink nail polish and your mood will change instantly. I am also looking forward to my recent purchases from elf cosmetics. They had a huge Valentine's Day sale- 50% off and I love their products- they are good quality for ridiculously affordable prices. I got like 5 of some products that were like $1 dollar each. I also did some sample shopping on coastalscents- love their mineral products. I got a sample of rice powder which is supposed to be good for oily skin so I will try it and see if it works for me. I am shopping around for a makeup train (the carrying case) my b\f threw away my old one when he was moving and I also need a makeup brush belt for when I am doing makeup on other people. has a brush belt for 15 US that I think I am going to order and I could probably find the makeup train at or amazon or ebay because my collection is getting a little too big. Confessions of  makeup

Products I am super excited about! Covergirl Queen Collection Lipsticks. Heard they received rave reviews and are superpigmented and you know how I like my bright coloured lipsticks but I'm also looking for some good nudes and low key pinks. So in this collection I am getting nude attitude,au naturale, girly pink and powder puff pink which is a bright pink colour- couldn't help myself. So ladies go out and look for these colours made for women of colour at your local drugstores or for $5.99- buy one get one 50% off or

I am also super excited about finding another perfect red lipstick. This time from black radiance which is another brand for women of colour. Perfect tone lipstick in 5016- Think its called El Dorado red on their website. This red surprised me in so many ways. It looks very dark like  burgundy in the package but when you put it on it looks like a bright vivid red. A- MA-ZING! I actually stole this colour from my mom who is my inspiration when it comes to fierce red lips. No one can work a red lip like my mother. I will be getting a few more black radiance perfect tone lipsticks. Hi, my name is Shyne and I am a lipstick junkie.

The power of an eyeshadow primer is amazing. I took a pic of my eyeshadow after bout 10 hrs of wear and it was still popping. My purples come from my coastalscents smokey eye palette and my GOSH pigment. If you don't own urban decay eyeshadow primer potion, you shouldn't even be wearing eyeshadow. This stuff is addictive and worth all $18! or sell this top seller primer. I use sin cus I love the bronze/gold tone.

Every girl of colour needs to own a GOLD eyeshadow- simple as that!

Until then..."It is beauty that captures your attention, personality that captures your heart."


  1. love the new layout, cant wait to try cover girl:)

  2. I did a hot pink manicure this week too! Everytime I look down at my hands, my nails look like a happy little candies, and I just smile, haha :-)
    Love the flower details are yours!

  3. thx Ms. Zee @ tiff pink nails are better than prozac! lol