Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goodies to make you feel good.

coastalscents goodies and packaging.

brushes and concealer

rice powder

5 matte bronzer samples

multipurpose mineral concealer

supreme copper

me today @ my IT course. getting certified in E Commerce- booyah!

Hola, my beauties, hope everyone is having a great week. I know being a woman is hard but I wouldn't change it for the world except at the end of the Yesterday I was telling my bf how I felt so odd- like I wasn't in my own skin- wierdest feeling ever but today I am feeling much better. Must be the So I just received my coastal scents goodies that I just ordered like a week ago- that was fast. Their shipping is really fast and reliable and they ship world-wide. They are based in Florida so I get my package sent to my Miami mailing box and it gets there like in a day or 2. Another thing I love about coastalscents is that you can buy samples from them if you wanna get a product but you are not totally sure you can buy the sample size and test it out to help you make a decision and they are super affordable.

I got some kosher grade rice powder sample- 2 oz. When I heard 2 oz I was like oh its gonna be a little thing but I got this container that was way bigger than I thought it would be. Rice powder is supposed to be really good at absorbing oil. If you have really oily skin like me, you want to try rice powder so I will give it a go for a few days and see how it works.

I got two brushes-C224 Oval camouflage brush for $3.49 which I will use to apply concealer and the flawless chisel face brush for $4.49.This top quality brush is used for applying your finishing powders, foundation powders & a sheer brush of All Over Face Finishing powders. It feels so amazingly soft to the touch. Both brushes are very affordable, good quality and got great reviews.

I have been searching for a matte bronzer for a while now, all the bronzers I have are all shimmery and I just wanted one bronzer for contouring my face so I got a sample matte bronzer set from coastalscents for  $3.95. There are 5 sample size matte bronzers- Jennifer, Penny, Christina, Melissa and Justina. Can't wait to try them all.

I also got a sample of their multipurpose mineral concealer for $2.00. The normal size is for $10.00. This is the description on the website.
Now you can camouflage any skin condition like spider veins, rosacea,  age spots, and minor scars. This is the product that you have been looking for.
After months of hard work and constant formulating we finally have a concealer that holds up to our high standards. Concealer A can be used by all skin tones, it goes on smooth and creamy like a liquid, covers dark under eye circles, dark lids, red spots, spider veins, minor scars and more. 
Our best advice is to always apply with a good concealing brush made especially for this purpose. The taklon hairs do not absorb the concealer as a natural hair brush will. It also gives a fine even application. 

Due to the strength of pure pigments you only need a very small amount for coverage. 

And with each purchase from CS, you receive a free eyeshadow sample. I got supreme copper. They must have known I love copper eyeshadow. The colour looks amazing. Can't wait to try it

Shopping on CS for makeup and beauty products makes TOTAL sense- They products are super affordable, their shipping is fast, affordable and reliable, the products are good quality. I mean you can get to sample a product before u fully commit- this is very important when you are buying make up especially powders and foundation. And their service is great- one time a brush i put in alcohol came apart and they sent me a new brush right away to replace it. NB- Clean your brushes with soap and water and not alcohol.

I am off to try all my goodies.

Stay beautiful- inside and out.

 If you have any ?s about CS- just hit me up by email or comment.


  1. please link coastal scents webbie just because I am bloody lazy, going to check them out now :) btwn I love that purple/lilac look :)

  2. Thx Ms. Zee there's the site.