Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Take time out for yourself.... home remedies continued

Thanks to one of my fav beauties Omo, I now have my first guest blogger. And Omo.. I am waiting for more posts from you later on. Ladies, its all about taking time out of the day for yourself. So while you are relaxing at home try out this home made mask for oily skin from Omo and her grandmother. lol

Clays for oily/acne prone skin

Hello All,

This is long overdue but I am glad I have finally gotten to this.
My name is Omo and I am based in cold Toronto, Canada well the weather is not
bad at the moment, it could be worse. Thank you Shyne for allowing me guest blog
Today I will be talking about clays yes you read right, clays. I wont go into definitions of clays because you can do a google search on that but I will however talk about a clay regimen that I currently do and can say has worked for me.  I have ridiculously oily skin that I used to be soo ashamed of until I did some research and found out some interesting details about oily skin and skin cancers, wrinkles (not that I am bothered, wrinkles tell stories or show signs of wisdom or strength in my opinion) and a whole lot of benefits for my skin this will be discussed much later.  I have been using clay for a long time though not frequently. My background is Nigerian and my grandma introduced me to clay at 11 or 12yrs old and the benefits of clay especially red clay (in my dialect called iyepe funfun) my grandma used the clay to exfoliate and tone her skin and told me it would make your face soft and make it easy or the “pomade” to penetrate your skin now she knew “pomade “ as lotion  I wont call her a beautician or cosmetologist; she did however carry out a lot of experiments, mix a lot of body lotions and soap and added red clay to her talc powder and called it foundation . I miss her.

I have continued to use some of her recipes and so far for my skin tone they work. I have acne and some months are worse than the others but the bottom line for me is this, if my diet has been good and I have kept away from a lot of the sweet and processed foods my skin will be fine, if I haven’t then I have little “domes” on my face as I sit here typing this, I have these “domes” and yes you get an A+ for that My diet in the last month has been terrible; I will get better.

Now for the Red clay mask you need
1 tabsp of red clay (Ghassoul pronounced “rassool”) I get mine from local Middle Eastern shop in Toronto
lemon juice ( ½ a lemon)
2 tabsp water
3 drops castor oil
2 drops olive oil
There are a variety of recipes for this mix and for me it changes with my mood, I may decide to switch out the water and use milk, or replace one of the oils with 1/4teasp of honey it is totally up to you!

Mix this thoroughly then using a brush or your fingers, apply generously to your face, avoiding your eye area take it down to your neck as well Let is sit on your face until it is dry  you will notice that as it dries you feel your skin tighten its ok , then rinse off with warm water followed by rose water or any toner to tone your face and your favourite lotion.

I will be bringing more recipes to you, you can google up some more recipes or learn more about clay and its benefits not just for your face and neck, your hair and skin as well.

Have a fantastic weekend beauties until next time


  1. gosh I love this woman! & I love the post too!

  2. awww I am glad :) will definitely be doing more guest blogging :) Thank you Shyne and Marie <3

  3. kekekeke is all am saying.....Good Job Omo...

  4. monde n catherine when r u gonna be guest bloggers?