Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend Beauty

So I have been researching face treatments for oily skin for a week and finally found some all natural home remedies that I thought I would give a try. The one that I decided on was a turmeric face mask.

Lemon juice, flour, turmeric powder- Make a paste. (Use all purpose flour) Plain yogurt can be used in place of lemon juice. Apply all over the face except the eye area. Let dry. Rinse. The acids in the lemon juice treat dark spots on the face clearing the complexion. Turmeric brightens the look. (Lemon juice might cause a tingling sensation). Feel the fresh and oil-free skin afterwards.

 Turmeric powder found at valumart. Mix all three ingredients till you get a paste. I used half of a lemon and then applied it to my face and left it to dry for bout 20 mins.

my complexion is visibly brighter. look at my face compared to my neck.

After putting on my makeup I wasn't so worried. I was glowing and loved it!

When putting on the mask, you'll realise your face might smell like curry. lol This is because the turmeric is used in curry powders. Also you will feel a tingling sensation. This is from the lemon juice. It gets pretty itchy but try not to scratch. It takes about  15 mins to dry. Taking it off, be very gentle because it dries into a hard mask so just use a warm damp towel or wash cloth to remove the mask. After taking it off I realised my face was noticeable My normal skin undertone is reddish golden brown and I looked slightly cooler with yellow undertones but this is from the turmeric so after you take the mask off be sure to wash your face with a gentle cleanser like cetaphil to remove excess turmeric colouring. My face looked noticeable BRIGHTER. There is no doubt about the brightening effects of this mask. In terms of treating oily skin. I noticed I produced less oil during the night when I went out. I only had to dab once with my oil blotting sheet. And my old acne scars honestly were visibly lighter after the mask. I will be trying this again. And I don't smell like curry any more. Its morning and I still look like I have a bright glowing complexion. I love it. I will use this mask again tomorrow.
I do not know how the turmeric will react on darker skin but if you are darker and try it please try it when you have no where to go, just in case it doesnt turn out like you planned.

Stay tuned for my first guest blogger post from my girl Omo. She also did a post on mask for oily skin that works for her.

Until then my beauties, stay true to yourself. stay beautiful

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