Monday, January 24, 2011

My week in beauty....

Glam tribal nails.

So trial and error. GREEN HAIR. Lesson learned: Go to a pro when u wanna add hilites.

Shaped up by the barber and some fuchsia plum rinse over my green/blonde hilites.

Back of my mohawk

I feel pretty! oh so pretty!

Artistic vision. My take on Kesha's look in her "We r who we r" video

BB cam doesnt pick up the glitter.

 At. work on Friday. Mac odd couple on eyes with a nude lip.

Natural Beauty. Always inspired by nature

I keep a rose in my room to remind me of how the simpliest delicate thing can be so beautiful and inspiring.

So last week, I had some beauty hits and some beauty misses.
I think that rose colour would make a hot lip colour.
Let's see what these week brings...
Lesson learned: Some things should be left up to a professional.

Beauty is all around us... inside and out.


  1. I've BEEN waiting to see what happened with the green hair. Lol What product did you use on it?

    The Kesha-inspired look is pretty neat. Haven't seen the video but it does have that grunge/dirty style she has to her. Lol

    And oh how I miss home! That scenery shot did it for me. -tear-

  2. BW Bleaching powder with the cream developer. I watched the video on youtube but one thing I did wrong, my hair was like a week dirty, with product buildup so it must have been a reaction with some other chemical in my hair cus Iv bleached my own hair before and it came out fine. I was blonde for about 4 years. lol