Friday, October 7, 2011

Red lipstick Challenge

Hi Beauties, In my quest to get more women to wear red lipstick I picked up two reds that were complete opposites, both from Revlon and can be found in any drugstore or walmart. I love Revlon lipsticks because you get the quality you'd expect from a higher end brand for a drug store price. And one of their spokespersons in none other than Ms. Halle Berry. At Shoppers's Drugmart I picked up Really Red which is a Matte bright Orangey Red. I love this colour with animal print or I can see it with a jade or bright green outfit. It's on the matte side so its not too creamy and I think any one who is brave enough can pull off this colour. If you are on the lighter side, it might be a bit bright when you first put it on but wearing red is all about confidence. To tone it down a bit you could always wear a darker red or brown lip liner underneath. This has become Mo's favourite new lip colour.  You can see her wearing it here Mo wearing "Really Red" .  The second one I got was on the darker side called "Black Cherry" and it looks just like that. Its a Super Lustrous Creme lipstick so it goes on creamy and smooth. In pics it looks more red than it does in person. This is perfect for women who want to wear a deeper more toned down red lipstick- the not so brave ones lol. Both lipsticks were on sale for $6.99 each.

I am challenging you to go out and try either or a red lipstick that you've been wanting to try. Send me pics pls. Remember my red win-free-lipstick.

REALLY RED- I am wearing it right now and its a lil bit drying so you would want to make sure your lips are super moisturized.


Go out and find your perfect red ladies!

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  1. I swear I have both of those colors...that Black Cherry looks like and Avon lipstick I have, and the Really Red looks like a Clinique lipstick i have that I am afraid to wear...I will find the courage to wear it soon! lol