Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pin Up Cheetah Look

Hi Beauties, so for my first Halloween idea I decided to put my most favourite things together Red lips and Animal Print. I guess you could say this look is a combination of pin up girl with the classic red lips and red nails and cheetah with the cheetah print eye makeup and accessories.  Hence " Pin Up Cheetah". Warning! This is not the Chester cheetah look from the Cheetos Commercials nor is this a look one of the Cheetah girls would have rocked (then again maybe they would have) This is a little bit sexier. If you don't want to dawn a full costume for Halloween which I find to be a lot of work (I've been planning a costume in my head every single day now for the past two weeks with one month left to go), try pulling inspiration from pieces of clothing or accessories you already own in your wardrobe. A lot of the times I get inspired by makeup.



 FACE: Primed with Gosh Velvet Primer then applied MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation NW43 on the perimeter of my face then MUFE MAT Velvet Foundation in 70 on my cheeks for more coverage.

 My brows were filled in with MAC Embark eye shadow. I applied Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin then MAC Mini Pigment in Rushmetal across the entire lid blended upwards to the brow bone. For more intensity, I sprayed the brush with MAC Fix Plus Spray and applied Rushmetal wet on to the lower lid. To get the cheetah spots, I used Annabelle Liquid Liner in Blackout and made small C shaped spots all over the eye.Let it dry. I then lined the top lash line with MAC Smolder Eye Khol and winged it out to get a cat eye efffect. On the bottom lash line, I smudged Smolder with a smudger brush. Applied two coats of Maybelline Colossal Mascara. This look is pretty easy to achieve.
I went downtown like this and ended up at Starbucks. I got a few compliments on it but mostly strange looks like people where trying to figure out what they were looking at. It was pretty funny.

I lined just the edges of my top and bottom lips with MAC Smolder eye Khol then applied Black Radiance El Dorado then a coat of LA Colours Luscious Wine and blended all together to even out the black liner. I topped it off with Stila Joy Lip Enamel from the Barbie Collection. My beauty mark is also from the eye liner :)
I contoured with MAC Embark then applied MAC Raizin blush over it along with MAC Brown Script eyeshadow then Coastalscents Dark Bronzer from the apples of the cheeks and blended upwards to the temples. I wanted my cheeks to stand out. I also contoured my nose with MAC Embark. I highlighted my cheeks using Hard Candy Tropics Bronzer to achieve that cat like face my cheeks and nose had to be more defined.

I hope I gave enough instructions and pictures for those of you who might want to try this. Stay tuned for my next look, not sure what it will be yet. Maybe I'll paint my face green and say its Shrek. lol
 If you have any looks you want me to try, hit me up and let me know.


  1. Seems, doable...I will try it!

  2. Please next time do a video....some of us have ADD hhehe please do a youtube video