Saturday, October 1, 2011

Win a Free Lipstick!

Hi Beauties, Its been ages since I did a contest but I got the inspiration from a quote someone on recently sent me telling me how gorgeous red lipstick looks on me. I remembered seeing my mother wear red lipstick and red lipstick only but I was always to hesitant then one day a few years ago  I decided to try one of her reds and at first I was like wow that's bright and my lips look so full so I asked my mom what she thought and she said "it doesn't look quite right on you." At that moment she had confirmed my fears that I could never pull of red lipstick. I felt defeated and started taking it off but she started smiling and said " it doesn't look right because you need to wear it with confidence."  She was right. If you have ever worn red lipstick you will know if you don't wear the colour, its a colour that will wear you and over power you. You need confidence to rock red lipstick. Every time I put it on now I feel empowered, sexy and confident, especially if its the perfect shade for me. I find now when I go makeup shopping I always go to the red lipsticks to see -what I can find. To date I think I own bout 15 or so red lipsticks. Today I decided to do a poll on facebook and ask all the black and brown women on my friends list if they wear red lipstick, It will be interesting to see the poll results. Already I see some women who I think would love gorgeous in red lipstick saying no, which is such a shame. So to help the situation I decided to do a contest.

  If you answer my poll question " Do you wear red lipstick" and you are a follower or become one, you will be entered into the draw to WIN A FREE RED LIPSTICK THAT I THINK WILL SUIT YOU or if you have one that you want to try and I can find it here. For those not on my facebook, you can answer the question in the comments and become a follower or suggest to a friend  if you already are and you will be entered. 

Contest ends on 16th October 2011 at 12:00 am. You must be at least 16 to enter. 
Your name will be selected randomly from a draw and I will post the winner here and on facebook. You will have a week to claim your prize. I am allowing all Geographic locations to participate. So when you do win and I contact you, you will have to provide you full name and mailing address for me to ship to your location. Good luck ladies.

Trust that I will find a red lipstick that looks amazing on you... :) I will!!!!
 That quote that I received "The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!" Coco Chanel


  1. Where's the poll on Facebook...I don't see it?

  2. Ill send you the link on facebook . I tried sending it but I guess it didn't work