Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sally Hassen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips Review

So I finally gave in and tried the Sally Hassen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. I found them at walmart for $8.99 CAD. I really wanted the leopard print but they were out of stock so I settled from the zebra print. The other designs didnt seem that interested expect maybe the lace design. So it took me and my friend Mo about 40  mins to put these things on. After reading the instructions, out of the 16 strips you try to find the one that fits each nail the best. None of these strips fit my nails perfectly. I guess I have abnormally fat Peeling off the strips is also a pain while Mo was trying not to tear them and place them on my nails. To remove the excess part of the strip the kit comes with a file which didn't really make sense. It didn't leave the edge of the strip with a clean look and sometimes it would tear the strip. So after getting them on and going to wash my face and do round the house things I found that they started tearing and chipping. Only after a few hours. Its been a few days and I still have them on because I think it hard to take them off after all that work we did. And they don't look terrible.
I think if you are looking for an "easy"  way to get nail designs then this would work. I give it a 1.5 out of 5.

Salon Effects along with a hard candy set from walmart
The instructions were simple enough

Chaos trying to find the perfect fit out of the 16 strips, plus some cute earrings  we found during our thrifting trip.

The filing down the excess part of the strip.

After about a week with them on.

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