Friday, August 12, 2011

Revlon Candy Pink vs NYX Narcisuss

Hi Beauties, its been dull and dreary the past few days, depressing summer weather is making me miss home but I decided to blog about pink lipstick to cheer me up. I am excited however because its FRIDAY! And to top it off, Sephora has their grand opening at the Halifax Shopping Centre tomorrow! Me and my girl Mo are gonna go line up early to see if we can score goodies and check out their stock. Will try and take pics. So I recently purchased two light pink lipsticks- Candy Pink from Revlon $6.49 US (target or drugstores) and Narcisuss from NYX (lawtowns drugstore) $4.99 CAD. (the canadian dollar is a little bit higher than the us right now). Candy Pink is very sheer compared to Narcisuss but it goes on much better. Narcisuss requires some blotting and blending to make sure it looks smooth on your lips. I like both of them. I can see myself wearing Candy Pink every day (because its sheer I think it would work well on all skin tones) and Narcisuss when I am going for a barbie look. :)

I wore Narcisuss today with my fav bubble gum pink stila lipgloss

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