Monday, August 22, 2011

MAC Magneta Madness = Magenta Sadness

So I recently bought MAC Magenta Madness Pigment ($18 US) and after all the initial excitement- I was disappointed. It is very chalky and has little adhesion on its own.  Doesn't  work as an eye colour. The colour is so vibrant in the jar but when you put it on it doesn't show up that bright, it tends to look more red than magenta especially when applied wet. I was researching ways to apply it to make the colour pop but I decided to try it on my lips to make a pink/fuchsia lipstick pop and a little more matte. I applied it with a lip brush over Covergirl Queen Collection Powderpuff Pink lipstick.
Swatch was disappointing

Vibrant pink lips

Oops split some...
Maybe I'll try it on nails next. What do you think? Would you rock bright pink lips?

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