Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Maroon Glaze Lipstick by Sacha Cosmetics

Hey Beauties,

I bought this Sacha lipstick called Maroon Glaze when I went to find a deep purple lipstick to go with MAC All of my purple life tinted lipglass (when I get it. lol planning ahead). I had seen  Maroon Glaze on their website a few times and dismissed it simply because maroon seemed like it would be a reddish lipstick so when I got to the store and picked up this lipstick and to my surprise it was a plum pink lip colour. I have alot of blue based pink lipsticks but this one was different. I imagine it would look as equally divine on someone with  darker skin. So I finally decided to wear it last night to Taco and Transformer Tuesday with my date- Kyla (lol). The tacos were subpar but the movie was great. I am a beauty blogger who loves transformers. I think if Optimus Prime was human he would be a really sexy man. (lol) Plus I wanted to see what all the hype was about Rosie Huntington- Whiteley. She is one gorg woman and her lips are not as big as people make them seem but they are different I guess. Any way so yes here is Maroon Glaze from Sacha Cosmetics which you can find online at Sacha website <--Just click the link.  ( I seriously think they should rename it). I decided to pair it with Lorac Baked Satin eyeshadow in Social and MAC Smolder Eye Khol on my eyes and MAC Raizin Blush on my cheeks.

Maroon Glaze
Lorac Social

Lined my lips with a similar shade lip pencil first before applying the lipstick. This helps it to last longer. I woke up today with pink lips after removing it with makeup remover wipes.

No Flash, Natural Lighting

Simple eye using LORAC Social

I think it has a different shade depending on the lighting. It looks really pink here
Amazing smooth lipstick. It also smells really good.
The finished look. oh yeah I am almost blonde again. No green hair this time around yay!

Leaving the beach after tacos to go see Transformers. Sorry about the angle. I am my own photographer most times.


  1. I'm commenting via my husband's blogger account so I promise it isn't seem creeper man telling you how beautiful your make up is, but seriously. That looks unreal. Turns out sacha cosmetics are beautiful. Where do you find stuff like this? Is it at stores, or do you shop online?

  2. Thanks so much.:) I got this lipstick here but for the most part I shop online. Try going to or if you are on facebook they have a facebook page.