Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do blondes have more fun?

From Brunette to Blonde

 So on Sunday I decided to give myself highlights as I had grown out the ones I put in about 4 mths ago. This time around I like the results and MY HAIR DIDN'T TURN OUT GREEN. YAY! I am a little bit more blonde than I was and it reminds me of my hair back in the day. As you can see from the pic below. I wanted to go fully blonde but I was too chicken so I did some chunky highlights with some really blonde and some more caramel. I think if your my complexion you can get away with lighter highlights but if you are a little bit darker you can try more caramel or auburn highlights.

I have to say I feel a little bit more daring and sexy with the new hair. Lol So now that I have chemically bleached my hair I have to take extra care of them. I keep them moisturized every day with my Olive Oil Spray Sheen and I set my hair once a week with rollers and try my best not to apply any heat. I also plan to do a deep conditioning treatment every 3 weeks with my Mizani Fulfyl Conditioning Treatment. I am not a hair expert. I'm just a girl who likes to experiment. ( That's my disclaimer).:)

This is me about 5 years ago.

Do blondes have more fun? lol
Feeling kina sexy with the new hair

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  1. ohhh I love this look woman and I love and miss you, when are you back in Canada