Monday, July 11, 2011

Oldie but goodie

Its been almost 3 months since my birthday and I am just posting these pics. I'm very ashamed. But better late than never. I wore this gorgeous satin royal blue dress from ASOS with bright fuschia lips courtesy of NYC cosmetics. Its a really nice blue based pink lipstick- one of my favs. It went well with my fuchsia bag that I got from my cousin - Kari a few years ago. I had fun eating sushi with the bf at the Marriott hotel- only spot in St. Kitts where you can find sushi. I think this is our second year I've had sushi with him for my birthday- last year in Halifax. Earlier that day we went on a catamaran cruise to Nevis which was so much fun. And I picked up my cake from my old college roommate Angelle who did an awesome job with the description I  gave her. I also spotted one of my favourite bloggers in the same colour combo I wore on her blog moptopmaven which I think is down because she is sick unfortunately.

Me and Nikole from moptopmaven

Cheers to still being in our 20's

My lovely cake courtesy of Angelle. This suited my personality to the tee.

my lipstick stayed on all night

sushi yum!

on the catamaran while everyone was snorkeling. I didn't want to get my hair

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  1. Diva cake...for the Diva Bday it!

    Who did you go with for the cat cruise...would like to go when I come down next week.