Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beauty on show

So I went back into the pageant world a few months ago and I am hooked. I have been working with my new friend Twana who has found her niche in chaperoning for pageants and me... well I like to think of myself as a consultant. I don't have the time to dedicate to being a chaperone but I give advice and my input and at the night of the show I do makeup and other little things like help with the energy level back stage. Its been a good run so far, most of the girls I've worked with have landed titles. So here are a few random pics from the pageant circuit.

Creative wear segment at Ms. Back to Roots. She was "Queen a de pack"

me adding glitter all over

big bright smile with some gorg red lips

African wear segement

Breana at the Maurice Hillier Pageant in her creative wear.

She was a flower girl whose dress is made out of paper plates. All costumes had to be made out of paper

In her afternoon delight dress. I had to play hairdresser for this segment.

Amelia- Ms Respect. She was such as sweet girl. And Twana her Chaperone

These dresses were amazing. All the girls looked so pretty 
Amelia won. Yay!!!! Best talent, interview and evening wear

Me and Amelia after her win

Showing off her trophies

My outfit that night
Forever 21 top and skirt


  1. Love your F21 outfit...nice!

  2. well well cousin dearest.... i see you have embraced your true calling. And to think I would never let you pluck my eyebrows.... i almost regret it now.... when you're styling the stars please remember the little people :-)

  3. @ mel thx hun
    @ kari, pls who did your prom makeup and your 6th form grad makeup? lol but yes u wud never let me do ur brows. lol