Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lorac goodies review from

So I finally did a video and in one take at that. I feel so weird looking at myself. Critiquing my own voice and my round face lol but I love me none the less. My first video is a review on my Lorac makeup I got from and here you go enjoy. I will do another video showing you guys how I put in my individual lashes. Enjoy! Oh the hair is different because its been a busy week and my hair is a mess. lol


Eye look in the vid with individual lashes


  1. i love the lashes...wish thats something i could do

  2. :) thx. go on youtube and look for a video from ebony showing how to apply individual lashes -that's how i learnt.

  3. The video link is missing. =(

  4. I think it doesn't show up in Mozilla. Try Google Chrome or another browser.