Saturday, February 26, 2011

My latest obsessions

Hi Beauties,

As many of you know I am obsessed with red lips as of late. When I wear red lipstick I feel totally sexy. Red lipstick is so empowering. It says HERE I AM , LOOK AT ME.  Now because red lipstick makes a statement, my grandma would say "its the colour the ladies of the night would wear", many women are still afraid to wear red. I think red lipstick was made for women of colour though. Finding the right shade of red for your skin tone, can bring out your yellow or golden or red undertones and make you glow. It takes time to get used to wearing red lipstick. I had to get used to seeing it on my lips and accepting that I looked fab in red lipstick. I pretty much wear any shade from burgundy to bright orange red but if you aren't as brave as I am you can try a sheer red lip gloss first before you move on to lipstick. Please do not do like I see some black women do- put red lip stick on then wipe it off to leave a stain. I've seen that numerous times and there I am wearing my red lips in full force. Red lipstick is also classic and timeless and will forever be a makeup staple in many women's routines.

How I apply my red lipstick?
-apply concealer around the edges of my lips- this prevents bleeding( lipstick running all over your face)
-Line my lips all over with a matching red lip liner (provides a base) some artist recommend using foundation on your lips or concealer to mute out your natural lip colour and to act a a base
- apply lipstick all over your lips
-blot with tissue
- if you want matte red lips this is your last step but if you want glossy red lips then you can add a clear gloss or matching red lipgloss over your lipstick.
-With red lips I would normally do a neutral eye or gold/bronze shadow with black liquid liner.

My next obssession is hats- I think this is a genetic thing in my family. My grandmother loves hats, especially for church and my mom loves hats- easy birthday present for both. lol We all borrow hats from each other. So I was bored and decided to take photos of my two favourite things right now red lips and hats. I have had these red lips all day long. I wore red lipstick today to cheer me up cus lately I have been fighting a cold. I just added some MAC Lipglass. Can't remember the name and its rubbed off but will provide a pic.

red lips and floppy hat. love those earrings

red lips from revlon and matching red nails. Classic

perfect eyes for red lips

another perfect eye for red lips

red lipstick from rijui I think and MAC Desire lipglass

floppy hats are in.

love chunky necklaces

love that necklace

found it in silver here in sk believe it or not

another of my favourite hats

leopard print and red always go together

sequins beanie n sparkly jewelry with red lips

feeling oh so pretty

Enjoy your weekend with your obsessions... as long as they are healthy.


  1. love it :) and love hats too one of the reasons why i love winter accessorize with hats like mad

  2. The red lipstick I got from Clinique I am afraid to wear it! I tried it on before I bought it but on second thought it is very bright and I am afraid it looks weird with my skin tone. But my mom said it doesn't look bad it just makes a statement. Don't know if I have the courage though...

  3. I haven't worn my red lips in awhile. I just may break it out again next week.

    Saw some floppy hats in H&M; thinking of getting one. At one point I LOVED big hats and with all the 70's influence in fashion again, now's the perfect time to awaken the hat-love.

  4. thx ladies @ Omo I miss winter for two things hats and boots.
    Mel find the courage. At first u feel like every one is staring at your lips and if u have thick lips they are gonna stand out but as long as you keep erything else simple it wouldn't look like its too much. Only way u'll find the courage is to go out in it and smile like crazy, u'll even be doing the sexy pout without realizing it. Oh by the way u one the contest. I just need u to msg me ur mailing address so I can send it to ya.
    @ Julu... H&M need to work faster on the online store. I saw kim k is this fab brown floppy hat, already found one on amazon for bout $20.