Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.) Haul

Hi Beauties, This is long over due but I recently did two hauls from E.L.F. eyes lip face cosmetics ( The products from the brand are very affordable and most of the products get good reviews on quality. Out of the many products I got, I was happy with most of them. Only ones I didn't really like were the 83 piece essential makeup collection, the matte bronzer and the contouring blush and bronzer. I'm actually thinking of giving them away to any one who wants them. The main reason I got the 94  piece set( 83 piece beauty and 11 piece brush set) was because it seemed like a bargain to get 54% off using a coupon and it looked like a worthy buy, however it was kind of disappointing. The lip glosses were completely sheer, the bronzers and blushes hardly show up and the colour selection for the eyeshadows was nothing special, in fact too many pale and neutral colours.
83 piece beauty essentials kit. Got it on sale for $35 from 65$.  Nothing was right with this except two of the bronzers. The colour selections won't work for women of colour.
Deep red gloss from the 83 piece set. Disappointing.

Eyeshadow from the 83 piece set. This would def need primer to last long.

This was the matte bronzer with some other shimmer bronzer from the 83 piece set. FAIL.
I love neutral eye palettes with gold. This was a good buy

It reminds me of MAC FIX SPRAY PLUS which i use to apply pigments

Disappointed in this bronzer. Will Continue my search for a matte bronzer to contour with.

pretty lilac nail polish.

This pigment is really good for $3.

Powder brush from the 11 piece brush set came with the 83 pc set. This brush is sooo soft. It applies powder ok. I like that their brushes have the name on the handles.

Concealer set. I use the darkest colour to contour my nose sometimes.

Passionate Purple pigment for $3. On the left its applied dry and on the right its applied wet.

Liquid eyeliner pen which goes on ok- nothing special and natural lashes which I still have to try- comes with its own adhesive.

Golden goddess pigment dry and went from left to right

Zit Zapper for $1. Got really good reviews
I  got a few other products not pictured above like the eye brightener which is ok as a under eye concealer but i prefer creams than powder. I got  an eyeshadow brush which is a nice size if you have less eyelid space.  The eye transformer that is supposed to turn dark eyeshadows to a shimmery colour- the was ok, it didn't blow me away . I used it with embark from MAC which is a matte deep brown and it did make it look shimmery. And last but not least, I got a lipstick  called seduction which is like a nude pink colour. It was ok- i think too pink for my skin tone would have prefered a more nude colour but it goes on smooth and smells really nice like bubble gum.

I am pleased with the haul overall but I am not blown away but at these prices I can't really complain.

So my beauties, stay tuned for more reviews. If you've seen something you like then Happy Shopping.