Friday, February 4, 2011

Let's have a face to face

green tea makeup remover wipes

cucumber makeup remover wipes

conair facial spa

my home made toner in the witch hazel bottle

my second love, next to bags and makeup

Hi Beauties, Its the weekend! After a long week, I need to wind down. Guess what? I went shopping for beauty products today. I ran out of makeup remover wipes so I said let me see if i can find some in town..... And I did. I found some really affordable wipes at Dupont's. I think its called Triumph Beauty Store now. There are from a brand called Cala and I got the green tea and cucumber wipes. Green tea for anti-oxidants and cucumber for puffiness and soothing. They have 30 sheets in them so if you use one a day it can last you the whole month. All for $7.95 EC. I will be using the green tea one in few minutes.

I am going out with the girls tonight, so I am gonna perhaps do a steam facial with my conair steam facial spa where I add some tea tree oil and a bay leaf or lemon juice or try the turmeric mask again. Every girl should try a steam facial. it really helps clear your pores. Check out the links if you are interested in getting a facial spa.
Oh also I make my own toner. I don't like the toners they sell in the store -either they are too mild or too harsh so I made my own. I use 1 part witch hazel to 2 parts alcohol- 70% and a few drops of tea tree oil. You can find these at the supermarket or your local drugstore.

I am gonna rock a jersey mini skirt with a leopard print top- obsessed with animal print. In fact I am gonna research brands with leopard print inspired makeup or detailed in the packaging and do a post on it. I also got some new earrings which I can't wait to rock. And I think I'll rock that supreme copper eyeshadow that I got from

If you are going out tonite, take an hour to give yourself a facial or a mani or pedi and you'll see how it pumps you up for your nite out. U will feel like a million bucks- sexy and confident after you've treated yourself.

 I hope for Valentine's Day your loved ones give u beauty products or a day at the spa instead of flowers or chocolate. I've hinted to my bf that I want makeup or shoes- flowers will die and chocolate will give me a migraine and make me fat. lol

I should do a look for V Day. Note to self.

Enjoy your nite out if u are going out and if you r staying it- make a nite of it and treat yourself- try out Omo's clay mask or something else you've seen on the blog. I used to spend friday nites trying out make up looks or random beauty tips.

I will keep the posts coming and you stay beautiful- inside and out.

Hav a fab weekend!!!


  1. Please post you look for tonight...would like to see how the copper eye shadow looks.

  2. ditto pls do an outfit for the night :) try the rosewater as a tonner I love it and it is fantastic for sensitive skin :)

  3. You really have an eye for standing out, Shyne! Particularly interesting is that facial spa that can be done at home. Some people are particularly taking extra care of their facial features, and they have beauty products and regimen that really work for them. The all-important beautiful face would really set a girl apart on a night out, yes?