Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Love affair with Ruby Woo

Why hello there... lol Where do I began to describe my love affair with MAC's Ruby Woo lipstick? Ruby Woo seems to be the holy grail of red lipsticks in the makeup world. It is described as a coral red by MAC but I find it to be one of the bluest reds out there, trust me I searched long and hard for a dupe. Alas, I was not successful as she is one of a kind. On me it seems more orangey but that's because of my skin's warm undertone, on someone who is cooler, it would definitely look more blue. When I first tried this on at MAC a month ago I loved the colour but hated the dry feeling and I was of course advised that it is a bit dry because its matte and perhaps I should by the lip primer to go with it since I loved the colour so much but I just couldn't get pass the dry feeling even though I loved the colour.

Bare with me through explaining my journey with this lipstick. Its a bit long...
 Well this lipstick decided to haunt me in my dreams and my daily life, I would go on blogs or youtube channels and see black beauty bloggers rocking this colour like no other red lipstick existed in the world. Oh the temptation was great and I resisted.... until last week when I went into MAC to drop off my student Pro application and I gave in. I opted not to get the lip primer ($18) however and thought if I exfoliated my lips and used my Nivea Hydrocare lip balm on my lips, the dry feeling wouldn't be so bad. I got her home and decided to wear her out the next day, I put a red dress on with my leopard print scarf and exfoliated my lips then applied lip balm and let it soak it so my lips weren't too slippery when I applied the lipstick, 15 minutes later, I put her on my lips bare because I thought she would be pigmented enough to rock without lip liner.

First glance- she went on smooth and beautifully pigmented. I loved the colour and the matte look of her. Five minutes later after pouting and touching my lips together my top lip began to fade a bit but I just decided to reapply. Left the house with her in hand just in case I needed a touch up.  An hour later at Walmart, my lips felt extremely dry and felt like they were peeling so I went to the bathroom to inspect my lipstick. Upon inspection, she was almost gone from my top lip and was clumpy on what remained on my bottom lip. With a disappointed hand and heartbroken look at myself I decided to wipe her off completely to avoid walking around with dry clumpy lips.
A day later I had a discussion about Ruby Woo on facebook  where most women had great things to say about her when I described my dilemma. Everyone agreed she was a bit dry but it seems I was the only one who had the peeling. I decided to give her another try again without liner but more lip balm on my trip to Moncton. She was fine on the drive up with one reapplication after drinking a large Chai tea but an hour into walking around the exhibition I felt the dry peeling on my lips again. I felt embarrassed walking around with half worn peeling red lipstick on and went to the bathroom to completely removed it and put it back on. I did not want to give up on Ruby especially since every one else loved her. So its been a love-hate relationship with this one but I didn't give up on her. I lined my well moisturized lips with a red lip liner and put her on then blotted then applied some more lip balm on top then another coat of Ruby Woo to seal it and on top of her, I wore Really Red by Revlon and that seemed to do the trick. It didn't peel or dry out and didn't even have to reapply the whole night. I can see why so many are in love with her, she is a pretty matte red lipstick.


Here are some of my friend's views out it.
Megan said " I have it too! If I didn't have any lip conditioner or prep+prime on it wouldn't work. But I don't think it too bad; I haven't had it peel but it does go very matte/fades a lot easier. I find myself reapplying a lot more than I would normally have too."

Juella said "I have the same problem minus the peeling. I usually fill in my lips with a red liner I also got from Mac then apply the lipstick. Lasts longer but I haven't figured out how to stop it from drying out which is my biggest issue with it."

Nilka said " Yaaayyy!!! U got it! But we may have to buy that primer bcuz it is dry. I haven't worn mine since the Trey Songz's concert back in February. Only had to apply mine once and I was good the whole night apart from it being dry."

Chido said" I have this lipstick and if you are not using a base red liner prior to putting it on, Intense bleeding occurs!! ♥ this lipstick and best red lipstick out there, you just have to apply it properly!!!"

NB All these women are different shades and all find that it works for their skin tone. 

Hope you enjoyed the review. Go out and try Ruby Woo by Mac.


  1. I have Ruby Woo but barely wear it because it is so drying. I am going to have to pull it out and do a look with it.