Monday, August 29, 2011

Makeup Forever HD Foundation Review

Hi Beauties,
So I went to a Makeup Forever (MUFE) event at Sephora last Friday where they get makeup artists to try on MUFE products on you. Mo got her eyes done and I learnt something from the MUA about how blue mascara can make your eyes pop. Will have to try that. She said she loved working on darker skin tones because you can get to do so much which I totally agree. I wanted to try MUFE HD Foundation and perhaps one of their rouge artist intense lipsticks in red.  I love my MUFE Mat Velvet but it's a bit heavier than the HD foundation. The MUA put the foundation in 173 on me very lightly but there was something about how natural it looks on me and it felt like i wasn't wearing anything AT ALL. My skin also looked radiant, not glowing but just radiant. I was hooked. I wanted something that actually made a difference when I take photos and I was convinced this was it. Only drawback is the price tag- its a real investment at $46 CAD. The MUA and I got to talking about the industry of course and how she works freelance for NARS and MUFE,  that would be my dream job. I told her about my blog and she said she would check it out. Oh I also made another investment in two MUFE blush powder/ eyeshadow in 92 which is an intense purple and 18 which is a bright orange colour.
 Here are my before and after pics (that day I left home with no makeup except my brows done.)

At Sephora 

Works well on camera

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