Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Love for lips

Hey beauties, a few weeks ago I had some ideas for creative lip looks using lipstick and pigments and glitter. I was actually doing it for my new banner but Mo and I decided it would make more sense to show my face rather than my lips. For the looks I kind of wanted it to be a celebration of full lips. I know many black women who shy away from wearing a  certain colour lipstick or lipgloss because they have full lips. I used to be like that too but I've learned to embrace them because hey other women pay some doctor to inject stuff in their lips and I was given mine for free. For me picking lipstick or a lip colour is all about my skin tone. If it doesn't look good with my skin tone then I don't get it, not the size of my lips. One thing I do though is shy away from glossy lips and stick more to matte colours because gloss tends to emphasize your lips more. Ladies love your lips. Go out and get a red or pink lip colour you never thought you could wear. It's all about confidence when you wear bright colours, you have to know you look good in it or the colour will wear you and not the other way around.

 LOOK 1- Disco Fever
 This was Revlon VaVa Voilet lipstick topped with MAC All of my purple life lipglass and add some pink glitter to a clear lipgloss.

LOOK 2- Cheetah
 For this, I took a MAC Mini Pigment in Rushmetal and Gold Mode mixed with clear lipgloss with a Loreal liquid eyeliner for the black circles

LOOK 3- Candy Lips
 For this look, I had no idea how it would turn out. I mixed MAC magenta madness pigment with some fuchsia glitter from coastalscents and it came out more red than magenta. For the blue, I mixed some blue ultramarine oxide from coastalscents with some of my NYX Pearl Pigment (its deep sparkly blue can't remember the name), together with some clear gloss and it came out light blue. Then I just used NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk for the white lines.

LOOK 4: Ladybug
 I used a red lipstick on top and black liquid liner for the spots. The bottom I used an eye khol as the base and topped it with black lipstick and for the spots I used a red lip enamel from Stila from the Barbie collection.

Stay Beautiful and be creative!

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