Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What kind of make up products can you find in St. Kitts?

Hi beauties,
I am due to write the next installment of my spring beauty trends but I decided to  give reviews of some goodies that I found right here in SK. I know I obsess on finding stuff online or while in Canada but I discovered if you are willing to pay the price for certain things here in SK you can find them. Which brings me back to why I started this blog which was to share my knowledge with women here....

First some Sacha goodies from Dollar Saver. I've never warmed up to Sacha cosmetics since I was a fan of Iman Cosmetics way back when and then discovered MAC but I am thinking about investing in some more of the products. Its a cosmetics line out of Trinidad geared to women of different ethnic groups that don't really get much attention in the mainstream lines such as black women, indian and asian. I got the lip palette with 6 colours (45 EC or 17 US) , very pigmented and smooth colours which I love. And I also got the Fix it 2 in 1 Powder Foundation in Caramel ($45 EC or $17 US) which is comparable to MACs Studio Fix Foundation Plus Powder which I use currently. The store also sells sacha products cheaper than the website which totally surprised me. If you are interested in checking out sacha products

Sacha Lip palette swatches
Fix it 2 in 1 Foundation in Caramel
I got some red lipsticks from Scruples recently for like $8EC/ 3US each from Santee and LA Girl. They are smooth and pigmented and smell really good. I rocked one to the pageant on the weekend. Just to show you you dont have to do higher end name brands to get good makeup.

Santee 52 Red and LA Girl Jazzy Red

I also got some Santee glitter liners from Dollar saver. Can't remember the price but the blues really show up unlike gold which needs about 2 to 3 applications.

Then I went to Body Haven Spa because they tend to sell Revlon and Maybelline and other drugstore brands found in the US and Canada but not at reasonable prices. I got a Maybelline eyestudio silk shadow palette in green envy- love the colours can't wait to try a look with the green and the glitter liners. It costs 45EC or 17 US when in Walmart it would be around 6US. I got the Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation with SPF 10 in medium deep on sale for EC39.95. It was in another store in TDC mall for 55EC. I wanted to try this for several reasons- I like Revlon colorstay foundations and I wanted to try a mineral foundation and I saw Halle Berry in a mag wearing it. It does blend in well and it kind of gives my skin a certain glow. I like it over all.
Eyestudio silk shadow in Green envy

Green envy swatches
Colorstay mineral foundation in Medium Deep
Gives my skin a certain glow
All the locally bought goodies
So I should keep hunting for bargains in SK. Look out for my next installment of spring beauty trends for lipstick and nail colours. Buenas noche bonitas!


  1. I've been wondering about the mineral foundation because I currently use the Colorstay in caramel and I bought the mineral finishing powder in the 2nd shade (can't remember the name right now) but I wasn't happy with the finish. Does the mineral foundation give off the same finish, if you've tried the mineral powder that is.

  2. I actually use the mineral foundation as a highlighter on my cheeks and around my eyes because i find it has a shimmer to it and it looks like it has talc powder in it which tends to looks ashy on our skin tone. I am not to ecstatic but it but decided to give it another use than to use on my whole face.

  3. You can try sacha cosmetics, I got some off of and I love it! Hope this helps!