Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Beauty: Sleek Makeup Haul

No its not a ghost, its me. I am alive and well. I have been MIA yes I know but when you work for other people you tend to forget your own priorities. Well no more! Let's get right to it....

 Sleek Makeup Haul
New makeup beauties! I received my goodies from today! CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR SITE-> SLEEK MAKEUP. Yeah and I almost missed the delivery guy cus I was fast asleep ( at 2 in the afternoon, don't judge me.) Sleekmakeup is a popular UK based cosmetics company. I love that they have alot of shades that work for women of colour. I got a few things I have been eyeing for  while and then other things just to test out. I gotta say I love all the products. I am super impressed by the quality of the products for the prices. Shipping to International countries is about $13.50 US including to Canada. Check out my haul.

 Sleek makeup Swag
 Lipsticks Front to Back, Stiletto (matte), Liqueur (sheen), Amped (matte). Will do swatches another time.
 Front left to right : Dark Face Contour Kit ($10.00). Haven't tried it yet but excited to see how it looks.

  • Pomegranate Blush
  • Flushed Blush
  • Rose Gold Blush ( Dupe for NARS Orgasm)

  Blushes are $6.50 and super pigmented. I wanted to get more like Scandalous and Aruba but they are out of stock. I will definitely be checking back on the site to see what else they have in stock.
 Pout Paint in Mauve Over ($8.00) and Pout Polish in Powder Pink ($6.50)
Mauve Over Pout paint is a great choice, I love the colour payoff. A little really does go a long way. In the pic below, I didn't know how pigmented it was until I put it all on then I realized I only needed  tiny bit for full coverage. These Pout Paints are a great alternative for OCC Lip tars which are $13.50. Powder Pink pout polish is a tinted lip moisturizer with SPF 15 which is a great every day colour.
 Me wearing Mauve over.
 Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator in Goddess for $8.00. I love Liquid Illuminators mixed with liquid foundation to give the skin a radiant glow or by itself to give skin some radiance. It can be used as a highlighter also on the cheek bone. This shade is perfect for darker skin women.
 Sunset i-Divine Palette.($13.50) If you look at this, you wouldn't believe the colour payoff you get. These eyeshadows have a slight shimmer but they are very pigmented. I could have bought all of their eyeshadow palettes because they all looked interesting but chose this one to use in the Spring right down to summer.

New Skin Revive Foundation tester kit. ($4.50) This is a great option if you want to try their foundations but don't know what your shade would be. You get 5 colours to choose from in either light, medium or dark. The kit I got was medium to dark and I tried Demerara which is a little too warm for me but I like russet around my t-zone area where I am lighter. I like the medium coverage but the foundation felt a little sticky before it dried.  The brand gets bonus points for making shades for darker skin. Still have to see if I find my perfect match in this set.

I love every single item! I will definitely be visiting more often. Let me know what you think beauties.


  1. The colors look really rich. And I just love the branding on the packaging especially the pout polish!

  2. Nice haul, it's a shame the blush-by-3 palettes aren't available for purchase online....

  3. Thanks Ladies. I love the packaging too. @ Mel I wanted all of he blush by 3 palettes, trying to see if I get my friend in the UK to go to superdrug because they are limited edition.

  4. Im running to superdrug now to go get the mauve over :) I keep seeing sleek in the stores here in the UK but never patronized them well thanks for changing my mind booyaahh. Welcome back mam more updates please esp your work :) thanks

  5. Hey does the glisten me - goddess have glitter effect to it? I'm ctually looking for contour for dark skin that doesn't make you look like too much make up on. If it has glitter effect I might have to look for another one.

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