Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eyebrow Tutorial

Hi Beauties,
Here is the long awaited Brow tutorial. I am no expert on brows but this is what works for me and my unruly brows. I prefer to use eyeshadow - MAC Embark eyeshadow or the brow colour from my school kit because pencils tend to look to draw on and not natural enough. So I hope this helps all of you who wondered how I got my brows to look so good . lol (most of the time) Remember also that brows add structure to your face especially if you have a round face like mine so please STOP WITH THE THIN EYEBROWS! lol If you get them tweezed or waxed or threaded make sure you still with your natural shape.
 Check out my first ever youtube video tutorial I did on how I do my eyebrows every day , well most days. Well it's actually more like a step by step slideshow than an actual video. Suscribe and like my video also- Just look for my channel- Necessarybeauty. Here's the link to the video.------>

 Hope it helps.

Here's a before and after pic of my brows.

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