Thursday, August 25, 2011

Straight to wavy hair

Hi Beauties,

So I decided to dust off my 3 barrel waver and give myself a wavy hairstyle pictured above. All you need to do this is:
  • 3 barrel waver from Gold N Hot Ceramic Professional Tools
  • Shine/ straightening/ protective or thermal serum. I used Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine serum.
  • Holding/hair spray. I used Mizani Aerofixx Holding Spray
  • Sectioning clips or hair pins to hold the hair
  • Big tooth comb or just use your fingers to comb through
It takes about 30-45 mins to do medium length hair. For longer hair it could take more time so this isn't something you want to do every day.

STEP 1: Start with clean dry hair. Apply your shine or thermal protective serum which ever brand all over your hair. Then section the hair about 1/2 inch thick. I start from the back and work my way to the top. 

STEP 2: Apply hairspray to the section, just about 2 pumps. Then place the 3 barrel waver at the top of the section and hold for about 1-2 mins. Push the section of hair closer to the head, this helps to hold the wave pattern. Continue adding waves to the section of the hair till you get to the end.

NB: If you are wearing a weave or extensions, make sure its human hair or can take heat. I use the waver at about 350 degrees.

STEP 3: Continue sectioning the hair and applying hairspray to each section to hold the wave then use the 3 barrel waver from root to end of the section. Move from the back of the head to the top then both sides. This should take about 45 mins with medium length hair.

STEP 4: Now that you have completed your entire head. Take the big tooth comb and comb thru the waves or you can use your fingers. This will separate the waves and add volume.

I did the bangs to c how it would look.

If you are interested in getting a 3 barrel waver you can try walmart, target, or


  1. My love , I like the new layout :) lol @ your new maxi fashion trend :) its one of those things. I miss you

  2. lol yes girl. I miss u too . Come visit. The new layout is Mo's handy work.

  3. Love the new look and I love the make up on the straight hair pic.....