Monday, May 9, 2011

And the winner is....

Hi beauties,

Sorry this took so long to announce but its been quite busy the last few weeks. I am working after hours on the national census and my boyfriend was here during my birthweek so now I can try to do at least one post a week. I have to share pics from his trip. Didn't do much makeup that week probably because I was out either on the beach or some adventure in the sun. I definitely got a tan that week and so did he( he needed one). I applied sunscreen like crazy that week especially to my face, which happened to be the only place that didnt really get tanned so now my face is lighter than the rest of my body til it goes back to normal (no more sun for a while) so I have been exploiting my bronzed look and using alot of bronzer lately to enhance my glow. Any who- I am officially 25 + 2. It feels great! I am still in my 20's so ain nutting wrong with that and I don't look my age :) Take care of your skin ladies. It will pay off big time when you hit 20 +20.

So the winner of my Birthday Giveaway Contest comes from St. Croix, UVI. Congratulations Rochella- You have won a STILA BARBIE TICKLED PINK LIP ENAMEL. So go out and try a barbie look and give Nikki Minaj a run for her money. Send me pics to let me know how it looked on ya.

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  1. yayy me!! can't wait to get it!!! :) Thanks for your willingness to embrace shipping. This is the best blog ever!!!