Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Different folks, same strokes

Hi Beauties its been a while, I know. I have been working on my other job after my main job so my passion which is sharing with you guys got lost in the shuffle. I try not to let that happen but apparently the definition of being an adult some how consists of working and not following your passion. But I'm here now. I have been meaning to write about how women of different skin tones can pull of the same colours sometimes. I did this experiment with my friend Kyla, who is a little darker than I am where I put her in two looks that I wore a few weeks ago. And what do you know... both looks worked on her perfectly.

The first look is with both of us wearing stila lip enamel from the Barbie collection in "TICKED PINK". I love this bright fuchsia colour. It is one of my new favourites. Now to make it work on me I wore the stila lip enamel on top of Covergirl Queen Collection "POWDERPUFF PINK" lipstick to make it even richer. For Kyla, we just put the tickled pink on her bare lips.

Kyla et moi in the same lip colour
Then I was inspired by a look I saw on a magazine and tried it on myself with my coastalscents smokey eye palette using all the purples and then I tried it on Kyla who usually wears less eyeshadow but it really opened up her eyes. If you do purple eyeshadow try it with a pink lip.

Kyla et moi with the same purple smokey eye

And then we did our nails. I am wearing Sally Hassen Xtreme Wear nail colour in pacific blue with MIA Secret Crackle over it and Kyla is wearing NYC Longwear  in Fuchsia Shock Creme with Crackle also.

So sometimes the same colour can work on women of different colours. Have a good night and I will try to keep the posts coming. Bon soir mes cheries.

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