Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Get to know me better

I'm torn...
Hey Beauties, just a little info about me. I have been doing alot of thinking lately as I have a HUGEEE decision to make in the next few months and its been stressing me out but I just have to go for it. I think its worth fighting for so I will push on....

Vital Statistics:

Me: ShariƩna

Nicknames: Shyne

Birthday: April, 27th 1984

Place of Birth: St. Kitts

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Male or Female: Female

Occupation: Report writing junkie aka Economist

Passion: Own my own makeup line one day

Residence: St. Kitts

Screen Name: Shyne Millions

Hair Colour:  (natural hair colour : brown) Hair Colour I try to be: Black

Hair Length: Short

Eye colour: Dark Brown

Best Feature: Eyes & Lips

Height: 5ft 8"

Piercing: Yes, Ears and nose

Tattoos: 4 and one more on the way

Righty or Lefty: Lefty

Your 'Firsts':

First best friend: Joyelle (still is)

First Award: Probably a medal for running in primary school or placing first in exams

First Sport You Joined: Track and field ( my mother was the first woman in St. Kitts to run a half marathon and win, my dad was a great cricketer but sadly none of that rubbed off on me .lol)

First Real Vacation: St. Martin ( just a newborn baby)

First Concert: Can't Remember

First Love: my current love :) ( I didn't know what love was back then)


Movie: Toss up between Pretty Woman and 16 Candles

TV Show: Right now Spartacus and Glee ( I know... total opposites)

Colours: Purple, gold and black

Song: Kings of Leon - Use somebody is stuck in my head

Candy: Snickers ( currently off of junkie food) and it sux

Restaurant: Anything that serves really good food

Store: H&M, Banana Republic, asos.com, Sephora. I shop mostly online. I am liking JC Penney recently.

School: St. Marys U and to be continued

Book: I need to read more. Steve Harvey's Act like a Lady, Think like a Man

Magazine: Glamour, In style, People Style Watch and Seventeen

Shoes: Steve Madden, BCBG, Aldo, Micheal Kors, Chinese Laundry, Naughty Monkey, Guess, MIA


Feeling: Hungry

Single or Taken: Taken

Eating: About to grab breakfast

Typing: so many things at once

Online: bbm and whatsapp on my phone ( i'm at work ok) lol

Listening To: Kanye West- Runaway

Thinking About: When will this day be over? So much to do and think about...

Wanting: a snickers bar and a hug from the bf

Watching: Computer screen

Wearing: black skirt suit with a tangerine top and pearls.


Want Children?: Yes

Want to be Married: Yes

Careers in Mind: Be My Own Boss

Where do you want to live?: Europe or Africa

Have you ever:

Kissed a Stranger: No

Had Alcohol: not lately

Smoked: Yes, tried it

Ran Away From Home: Thought about it after watching white kids on TV do it. Never did

Broken a bone: No

Got an X-ray: Yes

Broken Someone's Heart: Yes

Broke Up With Someone: Yes

Cried When Someone Died: Yes

Cried At School: Yes

Do You Believe In:

God: Yes

Miracles: Yes

Love At First sight: No.

Ghosts: Yes

Aliens: No

Soul Mates: Yes

Heaven: Yes

Hell: Yes

Kissing on The First Date: I don't kiss and tell :)

Yourself: No doubt

Hope you know more about me and I hope this exercise helped me to layout everything and try not to stress about my life so much. Also I am giving away an ELF Loose Pigment in Golden Goddess to the 1st person who comments or follows the blog and lives in St.Kitts. I am wearing it in the pic which you can't see very well. lol Have a good one beautiful people.


  1. Love the blog!!!...the #2 person can take the prize since SK is my second home, but I'm checking it out on ELF now.

  2. i didn't know u were a lefty tooo! AND not fair
    about the gift! :(...i'm pretending to not comment then hmm.

  3. lol @ Kecia its only like 3 bucks for there pigments and they are really nice.
    @ Rochella .. its logistics that's all. :)

  4. I like your response to "First Love"...lol

  5. Firstly what is the hate with all the people who live outside St Kitts???? And Shyne really??? You want to live in Africa like really now hehehehehe..I will trade you lol

  6. im sure theres more books than that:)
    do i win?

  7. I can't beleive that you come from two athletically inclined people and nothing rub off. lol. You taste in shoes are hott. I've only bought shoes from steve madden though. and you should not deprive yourself of chocolate use it as an award to yourself when you have done somehing great.i also though about running away after seeing it onthe tv too so i did. reached as far as the neighbour who stopped me to ask how my grandmother was and if she had sent me out. lol. but all and all thanks for the little out line about you.

  8. @ Monde, its all the shipping logistics. lol It only cost 3 dollars and ELF ships to canada. And yes I'd like to live in Africa one day. lol
    @ Dre... lately I find reading a chore. I think I read more in uni.
    @ mango. lol I was athletic in primary school and in high school I started acting like a girl. Running away wouldn't work in my family- i hv a cousin who ran away to her best friend's house and they sent out a search party including me.
    Thanks for the support u guys :)

  9. I died at you thought about running away when you saw the white kids on tv do it. Hilarious! Lol