Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy " Buy me sumn 2 show me u care" Day!

A rose for u....wish I cud give u 11 more....

Hi Beauties,

I am a romantic at heart but not big on the 14th of February frenzy of flowers, chocolate and balloons. I am madly in love but I haven't been feeling very lovely dovey of late but I guess it means I can focus more on my blog and product reviews. But, I do enjoy red lipstick- go out and get a shade of red lipstick NOW if you don't own any. I will refer some brands in another blog. Right now I am wearing El Dorado by Black Radiance and I recently ordered Red Russian by MAC.
Rimmel Fire Alarm- vibrant orange-red

Out on the weekend look. On eyes Gold Mode Pigment by MAC
Black Radiance El Dorado- deeper cherry red ( was not sleeping on the job lol)

And of course, another giveaway contest- Finally! So today I decided to rock some red heels and red lips. That is my extent of my valentine's day fever. I am not a grouch. I love to see people happy when they receive gifts from the one they love but if you are gonna get me something for Valentine's Day - it better be shoes or makeup. :)
So to make this day and this week a little more special for you, I am giving away some goodies from E.L.F. (eyeslipsface)cosmetics. I discovered this brand back in Canada. I bought their translucent powder and their eye primer and I was pleased. It is a really affordable brand with very good quality products. I recently did a haul from ELF which I will do a review of later to show you some of the goodies that I got.

 I know its a little late but here goes the Necessary Beauty Post- Valentine's Day Giveaway  Contest.Who doesn't like free goodies?

The winner will receive
ELF waterproof eyeliner Pen in Plum- its a longwear water proof eyeliner pen in a purple colour
And ELF Natural looking lush lashes- Black lashes that comes with its own adhesive gel.

Contest Rules:
1. You can be in the greater are of North America and the Caribbean. (this is for shipping logistics)
2. You must be 14 years and older
3. To win,  you have to comment on this post and say why you want to try false lashes. You name will be entered into the draw or become a follower.
4. Good luck. Contest ends on the 21st of February at 7 pm.

Remember " You don't have to love a woman cus she's beautiful; she's beautiful cus you love her."


  1. I have only used black eye liner and purple is one of my favorite colors to wear as eye shadow, so I would love to use a plum eye liner. I am kind of scared of wearing false eye lashes because sometimes they seem to look too fake, but would try it!

  2. u might just be the lucky winner of the ELF products since your the only person who commented and tomorrow is the 24th. Fake lashes can look natural too, these ones are known to look a bit more natural and I only wear fake lashes on special occasions not every day cus I do have pretty long lashes already. Purple is one of my favourite colours also.

  3. hey gorgeous!!
    i hope i'm not too late..LOL..
    ive never used false lashes.. too much of a punk I and have always used black eye liner but me thinks purple would be a good color to try..

  4. thx Mo. nope ur just in time. I will pick out of the two of ya. Contest ends this evening.

  5. Congrats Melisa u have won! Send me a msg with ur mailing address. Thanks for the support ladies