Friday, December 31, 2010

Makeup resolutions for 2011

me earlier this year- my "no makeup" makeup look

Here are my makeup resolutions for next year and beyond. What are some of yours?

1. Throw out make up that I do not use. I need to stop hoarding makeup and get rid of what I don't use because bacteria does grow in makeup and make up products do have a shelf life. Some people have lipsticks for 5 yrs or more. C'mon! Let the overhaul begin.

2. Invest in an airbrush machine. This should be number 1 on the list.

3. Try out more brands like bobbi brown, smashbox, stila, bare minerals, physicians formula and urban decay.

4. Wear less makeup. Which leads to #5

5. Take better care of my skin so I can wear less makeup. I think I already do but I will continue working on my hyper pigmentation and acne for next year and share my experiences with you. I'm constantly searching for the next best thing. Speaking of which I found this line called specific beauty that is geared towards women of multi-hued complexions. Jennifer Hudson swears by it.

6. Start making more mineral eyeshadow. I started this earlier in the year and stopped but owning my own make up line is still my dream.

7. Get certified. Cosmetology school here I come.

8. Spend less on makeup during the year and find ways to get free makeup to try out for companies.

9. Reach out to more mature women. Oh the faux pas they commit when it comes to makeup. I know my mother is guilty of wearing a bright lip and blue eyeshadow but I am trying to ween her off her bad habits. And ladies the dark pencil with the lipstick or gloss- #Insert not so nice word here#.

10. Write more on my blog. Hence why I know need to be able to blog from my phone. I have many ideas just don't find the time to sit down by my laptop to write them down but I will dedicate more time to writing more posts in 2011.

Let's hope I can stick to at least 5 out of 10 of my makeup resolutions next year.
Happy New Year my beauties!!! I will post all my looks for the holiday season sometime this weekend. Enjoy the parties or balls or parades or where ever u gonna put ur best face forward. Until 2011, stay beautiful...inside and out.

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