Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Favourite Looks for the Holiday Season.

Hi beauties. I thought I'd share some of my favourite looks for the Holiday Season, whether you have a party,or wedding or carnival activity consider some of these hot trends to complete your look.

This look right above- Smokey eye with a bright colour. I love an emerald green smokey eye or a deep royal blue. Its so pretty. Instead of doing a normal dark colour try a bright colour for your smokey eye for your Christmas Party or New Years Party. Please remember don't go all matchy matchy if your dress is green- try a bronze or gold smokey eye. If your dress is pink- try blue or silver.

Go all out with some fake lashes to amp up your sexy eyes.

Smokey eyes. All time classic. Zoe Saldana's is a little more edgy but a simple smokey eye using browns or deep blues can be a hit at any holiday party or event. If you do a dramatic eye, remember to do a simple nude lip. You don't want the two to compete.

Rock Red lips. One of those hottest lip colours this season. Don't be afraid to wear a red lip. Just have to find your right shade.

This is my favourite trend. I think I rock a purple lip every day. Don't worry there are many shades of purple for every skin tone this year.

Try out a vampy colour on your lips whether its burgundy, deep red, deep purple or brown.

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