Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cat Woman- Meow

Here's when boredom strikes part 1. My idea of a halloween look as a cat. Meowww

Look achieved using black kajal eyeliner from bodyshop in 01- black and black eyeshadow to set it, NYX jumbo pencil in Milk, LA Colours black lipstick with some Mac lipglass ( can't remember the name). Some pink blush and no foundation as it was just a spur or purrrrr of the moment thing. lol

To get the cat eye just place tape on the corner of ur eyes and draw along the sides with the eye pencil going in the direction of the eyebrow.

This was just practice. For the real deal I am planning to go all out :). Look out for the look.
PS. While fooling around- The song from way back came into my head. "Pussy cat a bodda me.. moo lemme lick it dung".. haha

Ciao beauties!

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