Friday, September 3, 2010

Pretty Nails


Hi girls and guy, lately I have been focusing on my nails and been obsessing over finding the latest colours for my nails. I am totally gaga over the metallic trend that I've spotted Beyonce and other celebs wearing. Gold and silver are hot colours for women of colour to rock on their fingers. I have been searching for this amazing gold that I saw some one wearing in a pic. It looks like actually 24 kt melted gold on their fingers but I haven't been successful in finding that exact shade. Instead I stumbled upon LA Girls METAL Metallic nail polish collection where there are many great metallic shades to choose from including my fav which is called "GOLD PLATED". I owned one before which I found in SK from LA Girls called "China Gold" which I thought looked
more bronze than gold when I put it on. Well I used gold plated tonight and I added some bling to my gold using this top coat from LA Colors Color Glaze called "Goddess" which has flickers of diamond and gemstone like sparkle. I am loving it right now.

I also copped a very nice silver from Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Nail Polish called "Celeb City" which I can't wait to try. I also got this really nice bubblegum pink called Power Pink from Xtreme Wear which would look really nice on toes.

I posted my nail last look on facebook from revlon called plum night which is a really dark deep eggplant colour. TO DIE 4! I also copped this really nice orange from NYC line called "Spring Street". All these colours I think would pop really well with my skin colour and other women of colour.

I was never really a nail polish gal but I am beginning to convert:). Let's face it- there is something relaxing about doing your nails or getting them done for you. I always feel proud to look at my nails when my polish is on point and other girls come up to me and ask where did i get the colour from. Pretty nails just make you feel prettier!

All these nail goodies were under $4 US dollars- compared to top brands like OPI which costs around $9 US or ORLY (pictured above) I put two coats on, they dried relatively fast- about 5 mins for each coat and the colour looks better than it did in the bottle. Here are some pics enjoy until next time when I find more goodies to share. Until then remember- "BEAUTY IS NECESSARY ON THE INSIDE- AS WELL AS THE OUTSIDE!"

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