Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coastal scents 88 palettes review


Hi makeup junkies. So I got my two coastal scents palettes today- 88 metal mania palette and 88 shimmer palette from I love by the way. Their products are affordable and the quality is good for the price. I signed up for the news letter and got an email where they had sale on the two palettes I got for 44 US. One palette is usually 25 US so i saved a little bit of money with the sale. If you youtube these palettes you can find other reviews and tutorials with them from tons of other girls.

So I got home and tried them right away. The metal mania one first because I love metallic eyeshadows especially gold and bronze. Every woman of colour should own a gold, bronze and copper eyeshadow. If you like MAC eyeshadows you can try goldmine and coppering. Hot colours! Back to the metal mania. The colours are very pigmented which I am suprised. Usually palettes like these come in powdery washed out colours which do not show up on women of colour-waste of money. But the metal mania colours which I tried were very pigmented. I just pat a bit on my brush and it came out full force on my eye. This palette is good for a metallic smoky eye using the bronzes and golds and its also good for a neutral eye. It doesnt come with many bright colours- the purples and plums are very nice too. I love a bad purple eyeshadow! I would recommend getting this palette if you like metallic golds and bronzes and coppers. Its a steal!

Metal Mania 88 palette from coastalscents

The 88 shimmer palette is where you get your brights. I love this palette. It is kind of similar to metal mania in that the colours are very pigmented and some of the colours can also be found in the metal mania palette. But this one has all the highly pigment bright colours- the turquoise, teal, lime green, voilets, pinks. This would be great if you are a fan of bright colours. I'm going to use the shimmer palette this weekend. I am loving the blues and greens.

88 shimmer palette


  1. To get these colours to pop use a eyeshadow base or paint pot from MAC or an eye primer.

  2. Looking forward to seeing eye shadow colors you wear this weekend.

  3. Thinking of getting the metal mania palette...