Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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Hi girls .. I have been on haidas.. I know but I haven't forgotten your makeup needs. I have been doing my research on more affordable options than MAC and other expensive brands for the "makeup diva on a budget".

So far I have found sites with great reviews and affordable makeup and other products.

I recently went on youtube looking for products other women use that the average woman can afford and I came across many of them who used coastal scents products. The site offers great quality for afforable prices. Their most popular product is their gel liner. It got rave reviews. For those of you who aren't too familiar with gel liners. It is a creamy smooth pigmented eye liner is a little jar that you use for eyeliner instead of a pencil. Its applied using a pencil or angle brush and its usually to give that pop of colour abve and below your lash line. Its also a better alternative to liquid eyeliner because you have more control over the application and it goes on smoother. Basically every girl should have a gel liner in their makeup artilery. Beware though, gel liners can dry out if you don't take proper care of them and if they dry out they will be hard to apply and get flaky and crumble so always put the cover back on your gel liner and keep at room temperature. I have always wanted to try their gel liners so I got myself some in the sky blue, 24 karat gold and i wanted to try the true black and silk white which are two of their most popular colours but they are currently out of stock. They cost just $6.95 US compared to MAC fluidline gel liner which is around $15 US. I also got one of their brush sets "Black Deluxe Reptile Brush Set" for $39.95 US which includes about 15 brushes which is amazing for the price considering that one of MAC's brushes will cost your around $20 to 40 US. It includes essential brushes like the powder brush, the foundation brush and many eye shadow brushes.The reviews seemed mostly positive except for some light shedding of the hairs and a slight smell which eventually goes away. But 15 essential makeup brushed with a case for that price is unbeatable. THIS IS A STEAL! I will post my review when I get them.

They also have affordable eyeshadow sets. I have enough eye shadows for now.

Another affordable and well rated site is NYX Comestics. I used to use their eyeshadow powder years ago and liked them but I never knew they were so well rated among makeup users and artists. Some of their most popular products are their eye bases which you put on over your lid before you apply your eyeshadow so it lasts longer and doesnt crease. Currently non of the bases are in stock- just to show you how popular they are. But they would run you about $6 US each.
Another fav is their chrome eyeshadow loose powders. These are highly pigmented powders and come in a variety of colours and would run you about $5 US dollars compared to MAC's pigments which cost about $18 US dollars and they are comparable in size.

Something else I found on their site that I am dying to try is their Caribbean Collection. It made me smile when I saw their named their palettes after islands and guess what ladies ..there's one called "I dream of St. Kitts" :) The palette consists of more earthtone colours for a natural look likr browns and vanilla and epresso coffee colours. Perfect for us kittitian girls who like to show our natural beauty. These pallettes have 5 colours and cost around $8 US.
"I dream of St. Kitts"

Unfortunately I have alot of neutral colours in my possession but I am in love with the "I dream of Barbados" palette because it has my favourite colour to use on my eyes - PURPLE! ME LOVE A BAD PURPLE. I am wearing purple eyeshadow right now. So go ahead and be a diva on a budget. Beauty is necessary-inside and out!

Here are some pics of the products I mentioned in this post.




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