Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tis the season ...for looking hot.. My makeup tips for carnival and the holiday season.

Since tis the season.... to experiment with makeup I thought i'd share some of my favourite looks for the upcoming events like carnival and christmas...

1. Ms. St Kitts- This is the chance to compliment your sexy dress, not out do it. Let the makeup be an accessory and the dress and shoes speak for themselves. I prefer dark colours for Ms. St. Kitts for 1. you'll be sitting outside and light colours get dirty easily. So the perfect makeup look for a show like ms st kitts woud be a smokey eye using greys, silvers and black or bronze, coppers, golds, brown. If you prefer to just do a neutral eye with maybe some black liner then a bold lip is the way to go. Don't be afraid of bright reds or pinks or purples. Check out the look from Rhi Rhi.
Bold lip with the classic "cat eye."

2. For carnival and the parades you wanna be playful and colourful just like the troupes and the masquerades. Think of using bright colours as liners. I take an angle brush and apply bright blue or green to my upper and lower lash line and jus add some pink or neutral shade gloss to my lips. Remember, a whole lotta blue or green eyeshadow or green on your lid tends to look hooker-ish and bordering drag queen.

Eyeshadow used as liner
3. Last lap and other low key events- Think neutral and natural. One trick I learnt is to use bronzer on my eyes and cheeks then just do a pink gloss and it just gives me a glow but I don't look like I am wearing much. Bronzer is also the perfect substitute for blush when you are a woman of colour. It gives you a glow and can be used for contouring your cheeks or your nose or jawline. I use a bronzer from clinique but NYC (most drug stores) makes my shade also and its cheaper. Black radiance also has this duo cream bronzer/blush that can be used on your cheeks and eyes without looking to heavy and overdone. I found it at Dupont's- there's a gold colour and a redish-copper colour. Its $28 EC. I also use this amazing baked bronzer that has gold specks in it from a canadian line called QUO. (my fav)

Au naturel using bronzer and a neutral gloss.

4. New Year's Ball

This is when drama is acceptable. I suggest going all out to bring in the New Year. This is when you can get away with a smokey eye and bold lip or full on bright colour on the lid but be careful not to compete with the dress. You want the attention on all of you not just your makeup.

Notice how Rihanna adds blue to her smokey eye and Beyonce’ keeps her smokey look more traditional with black topped with some navy. Add blue to your black liner and your get a smoldering eye that is immediately brighter due to the addition of blue! Either way, the key is to keep the color below the crease! Notice also that when you do a deep smokey eye, keep the lip nude or soft so that your eyes will be the center of attraction. Don’t forget to groom your brows.

Smokey eye equals sexy

Bold lip

Websites to check out :

Hit me up if you need a post on how to apply these looks... Have a safe carnival and Merry Christmas!!!

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